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By: Lisa Collins-Haynes

Photo Credit: Shonique Finney

Nassau in 24 Hours

Fresh off a short flight with Bahamas Air, my friends and I only had 24 hours to explore Nassau! We all wondered if it could be done. The first line of business was securing our accommodations. As we pulled up, pristine and picturesque perfectly described the cozy little yellow cottage with a white picket fence along the Eastern Point of New Providence. I was lucky enough to get a short notice booking for this beach house and it had all the comforts of home.


The welcome staff was friendly and made check in a breeze; after giving a brief tour and describing the amenities, she handed over the keys. A fully furnished kitchen and living room, three oversized bedrooms large enough to sleep ten adults and two full baths was more than enough space to accommodate my friends and I on our overnight stay in Nassau. Cute and quaint were the words we thought of, tastefully decorated, essential necessities such as WiFi and the beachside view—peaceful and relaxing. We simply could not have asked for more!


So Much To See

As our time was short in the city, we contacted Mackey Transfers and Tours for a sightseeing tour, an excursion at Stuart’s Cove and a taste of the Bahamian culture and nightlife. Mr. Mackey himself arrived and served as our official ambassador pointing out several of the city highlights; such as the Straw Market, the Welcome Center, Rawson Square, Fort Charlotte, The Queen’s Staircase, The Pirates of Nassau Museum, and Junkanoo Beach. As an added bonus, he personally escorted us along Bay Street throughout the numerous souvenir shops for trinkets, soaps, jams, artwork and rum cake samples. We even had a chance to see how a local vendor prepared the Bahamian dish, conch salad during an impromptu demonstration while visiting Potter’s Cay Dock.

Conch Salad Demo – Nassau, Bahamas





So Much To Do

Our excursion with Stuart’s Cove was unlike any experience we’ve ever had. We decided on the Sub Bahamas tour with snorkeling. Best decision hands down. If you follow me, then you know I recently overcame my phobia of water and learnt how to swim. Remember however, I’d only graduated up to level two when I signed up to get on the Sub and descend twenty feet down into the ocean blue. Pushed by adrenaline no doubt, I must say it was an amazing experience to ride freely through the ocean on the self-propelled apparatus and see all the marine life. The staff was professional, explained all the safety features and completely relaxed us. I didn’t even have time to be fearful, I just went with the flow and I’m so glad I did. Snorkeling, an additional treat was much different than my experience in Thailand. No big freak-out moment, I actually jumped into open water from the boat and I didn’t sink—yes, to my surprise! I swam and I snorkeled among the biggest red snappers I’d ever seen. Admittedly the fish initially scared the living daylights out of me and I screamed like the girl I am, but I eventually calmed down and truly embraced the moment.





So Much To Eat

Mr. Mackey scoped us up and dropped us off at the Poop Deck (East) for a traditional Bahamian local lunch. The full menu was enticing and the food was delicious, but it was nearly out-staged by the service. Ms. Elva was unconditionally attentive, warm and ensured we were well taken care of.



So Little Time

The afternoon had approached quickly and we were all determined to soak up some sun at the beachfront yellow cottage before our 24 hours were over. Lounging under the shady trees as the cool breeze sang sweet songs was music to our ears as we sipped fruity drinks and watched the sunset. Slowly we all retreated to our rooms to rest and refresh before our nightlight experience began.



Dressed finer than glasses of red wine, we all turned up at Aura on the Atlantis Resort property, to party the night away. House, Tech, Dance and ED were the music genres of choice on the night we visited. The crowd definitely appreciated the Deejay’s selections, as the floor was constantly flooded with dancers. The vibe was electric and the energy so powerful you could feel it almost before you walked through the doors.


So Hard To Say Goodbye

An early morning appointment didn’t keep us out too late. Well rested in our cozy yellow cottage, we awoke in time for a swift check out. With time to take a few “forever” pictures, we stopped along the beach and posed for a few shots. Mr. Mackey then took us over to one of his personal favorite breakfast spots, were we enjoyed our first tastes of Chicken Souse and Johnny Cake. Amazing to say the least, and we will have that on our taste buds for a while. Agreeably a perfect way to end our 24 hours in Nassau!



Contact List:

Aura Nightclub: VIP Host Franklyn Johnson 242.363.2000 x 65734

Mackey Transfers and Tours: Dwayne Mackey 242.433.3340

Stuart’s Cove:

The Poop Deck: 242.393.8175

The Yellow Cottage House: Martina Lohrum 954.354.7542













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