Realtor Marcia Goodman Nominated Vice President of Education, Speak Up Manassas Toastmasters

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Marcia Goodman, a staging realtor with Samson Properties, has been nominated Vice President of Education for Speak Up Manassas Toastmasters. The VP of Education is the second ranking club officer and is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the club program to meet the educational needs of each member.

“I have been a member of Speak Up Manassas Toastmasters for two and a half years,” Goodman said.  “I was nominated because of my eagerness to be a TM member and wanting our club to continue to be successful. In addition, I want to further enhance my leadership skills.”

Goodman initially served as VP of Public Relations. She said the VP of Education is a better fit.Toastmasters International PWL

“As VP of Education, I have a wonderful opportunity to be a resource for new members in our club and serve as a guide for existing members as they work toward their educational goals. There are both speaking goals and leadership goals, which are both necessary in our careers and/or entrepreneurial world.”

Goodman said her responsibilities include coordinating the club’s meeting agendas and schedules, including leadership roles, speaking roles and evaluator roles. “I ensure that all meeting roles are fulfilled, publish the meeting schedule regularly so that the members know what’s expected and adjust accordingly as needed,” she said.

“Many members choose certain educational paths and earn awards” Goodman said. “I also assist with these educational awards. I plan for speech contests as well. Another important role is to greet the guests and ask if they are willing to participate in the meeting or if they prefer to observe.”

Goodman said the mission of the club is to provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

For more information on Speak Up Manassas Toastmasters, visit their website.

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