Recovering a Lost Pet

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Provided by Fetch! Pet Care

Has your pet run away from home? How can you increase the chances that you and your pet will be reunited if they manage to run away? Here are some tips:

Make sure your pet has a collar with ID tags.

Tags come in many shapes and sizes, including weatherproof capsules. The ID should include up-to-date contact information. If you move or change phone numbers or email addresses, make sure to update your pet’s tag! Collars with ID tags are the easiest way for people to see that your pet has an owner looking for them. ID tags are not just for dogs, either. Get a collar and tag for your cat as well. After all, stray cats are much more common than stray dogs. Someone may see your collarless cat and think they are a homeless stray. If they see your cat wearing a collar, they will know they have a home somewhere and might be lost!

Get your pet microchipped and register their microchip.

Unlike an ID tag, a microchip does not hold your contact information. Instead, it holds a unique ID code that can be read by special scanning devices used by many animal shelters and veterinarians. Because the chip does not contain contact information, you will need to register the microchip ID code with an online registry. Some registries require a fee; others are free. You can register your pet’s ID number with as many registries as you want.

Consider purchasing a GPS tracker.

GPS trackers allow you to pinpoint your pet’s location in real time. You can see a history of locations reported by the device to see every place your pet has traveled. Some GPS trackers even give an alert when your pet leaves a predetermined area.

Hire a professional pet detective.

Over the past decade, the use of specially trained scent dogs has proven to be one of the most effective means by which to find and locate missing pets.

Call local veterinarians and animal shelters.

Your pet may have been found and taken to one, especially if it has no visible ID or has lost its collar and tag.

Use social media to spread the word.

Social media has reunited many pets with their pet parents. Posting pictures on Twitter, Instagram, and lost pet groups on Facebook is an easy way to get the word out.

Post signs

Post neighborhood signs within a radius of two miles and go door-to-door asking neighbors to check in garages and sheds, and post to any local online message boards or groups.

Search for your pet by walking the neighborhood right away!

Many lost pets recovered are found within a few blocks from their escape point.

Having a pet escape is a stressful experience, but don’t give up! Stay hopeful and consistent with your search.


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