Recycling Bins Impress Your Guests

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By Roger LeBlanc, Prince William County

If you are planning an event in Prince William County, recycling is a must to make a good impression on your guests! Recycling is second nature and valued by residents. In the past year, Prince William surpassed recycling mandates set by the state with 36.8% of trash being diverting for recycling. Residents are recycling at home, employees are recycling at work, and they expect accessible recycling bins wherever they go. Having clearly labeled recycling bins at your event avoids confusion and discomfort for your guests, and sends the positive message that your organization cares about keeping the community clean, green and resource resilient.

Special events can be a major source of trash and waste that often should have been recycled. The Prince William County Solid Waste Division offers recycling containers designed for events at no cost to community groups and nonprofits on a first come, first serve basis. If your group is planning an event in Prince William County, please contact the Solid Waste Division at 703-792-4670 to reserve bins, or visit and download the Special Events Recycling Bin Agreement.

To makes things even easier for your guests it is a good idea to co-locate recycling bins with trash bins, so that they can quickly spot the correct bin. A visual guide of what types of items go into recycling for your particular event can increase recycling rates at events as well.

Recycling provides significant job creation benefits, conserves natural resources and saves valuable space in the county landfill extending its lifespan. No matter what type of event you are planning, reserving recycling bins from the Solid Waste Division is an easy way to make a good impression and a positive impact in the community. For more information about trash and recycling in Prince William County, please visit


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