Recycling Gets an Upgrade in Prince William County: New Recycling Collection Trailers Being Deployed

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Provided by Prince William County

ProTilt recycling trailer side view

ProTilt recycling trailer side view

New recycling trailers are being deployed throughout Prince William County. The new trailers are more visible, have more capacity, accept additional material and include clear guidelines and restrictions to help users determine what items should be placed in the container. The instructions are provided in English and Spanish infographics for the convenience of all users.

The Prince William County Solid Waste Division operates 16 Recycling Trailer Drop Off located throughout Prince William County. As of mid-November, five new Pro-Tilt recycling trailers have been placed into service. Residents can look for the new blue trailers at the following locations:

  • Dale City Boys and Girls Club
  • Exxon at the Glen
  • Minnieville Commuter Lot
  • Nokesville Park
  • Dr. A.J. Ferlazzo Building

Locations of the trailers are subject to change.

Replacement of the old trailers, which were purchased in the 2002-2003 timeframe, will be phased in based on the maintenance schedule. It is anticipated that all the old trailers will be replaced with the new Pro-Tilt model by fall 2017.

Prince William residents will be able to place the same recyclable materials into the new Pro-Tilt recycling trailers as they did in the old trailers. This includes: cans, plastic food and beverage containers, cartons, aluminum, glass bottles and jars, newspaper, office paper and junk mail, magazines and catalogs, paper bags and paperboard. These items are depicted in English and Spanish infographics for the convenience of all users.

The new trailers, which have 80 percent more capacity than the old ones, can now accommodate flattened cardboard boxes up to 2 feet by 2 feet in size. This is an added improvement that provides convenience to residents. Another convenience, when using the new trailers, residents do not need to separate their recyclables by material type. This is known as “single stream” recycling. The materials can be placed into the trailer by the most convenient door with space to accommodate material. It is very important, however, that users place the items loose (no plastic bags) into the container. Recycling trailer users will see a sticker that notes “No Plastic Bags” are allowed in the recycling trailer. Plastic bags, even those that may have been used to collect and carry recyclable materials, should be taken to grocery stores or other retailers that have plastic bag recycling collection bins. Residents should also be mindful to close the Pro-Tilt trailer door after use.

Another important detail, the old trailers are “dual stream” collection, so paper and containers are kept separate, and residents should place materials into the trailer using the appropriate door. Residents must also continue to bring large cardboard boxes to the Prince William County Landfill or Balls Road Compost Facility to be recycled. These locations have containers that can accommodate larger cardboard boxes.

In addition to more capacity, better visibility, clear recycling guidelines, the addition of cardboard collection and single stream recycling, the new Pro-Tilt trailer has the ability to automatically offload the recyclable materials at the recycling facility. This makes it easier and safer for Solid Waste employees to transport and unload the trailers and operate more efficiently.

In fiscal year 2016, about 300 tons of recyclables were recovered through the recycling trailer drop off program. With the continued growth in popularity of Amazon and other online shopping services and the increased convenience of cardboard recycling, this upgraded trailer program is just in time for the holidays.

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