Remembering Our Past and Building a Better Future

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Provided by Prince William Conservation Alliance

Manassas Battlefield National Park preserves the site of two major Civil War Battles and begins the journey toward a more perfect union. Often the stories post-Civil War are left untold.
Speakers will cover topics from the Civil War to the Settlement to Thoroughfare to Pageland, weaving together the complicated tapestry that is the fabric of America, and highlighting current threats of industrialization and sprawl development that aim to unravel it.
Descendants of Carver Road and Thoroughfare will speak on behalf of their communities and the legacy of Pageland, to offer us a unique perspective of these historic communities. While no one is left to speak for Jennie Dean, her vision lives on in the triangle of triumph from Pageland, Thoroughfare, and Carver Road Settlement.
Nathan Grayson, with roots in Carver Road known as the Settlement, will tell the story of this unique community tucked into a corner of Gainesville along Route 29. The Settlement was formerly one of Northern Virginia’s most significant, most stable Black communities where freed slaves “settled” after Emancipation and where their descendants continue to live today, in an area surrounding Carver Road.
Frank Washington, spokesperson for the Coalition to Save Historic Thoroughfare, will share the history of Thoroughfare, established as a self-sufficient standalone farming community by freed slaves and Native Americans. From Thoroughfare, we’ll hear the story of Jennie Dean and her struggle to uplift her community and create opportunities for economic freedom.
These are the stories of people who endured hardships, pain, and suffering, and instilled a legacy of pride, love, hope, and faith in God that a better life could be created for their families.
The Settlement, Thoroughfare, and Pageland are a gateway to our collective shared history.

This Saturday, Oct. 29, 2022, 3:00 p.m. | Brawner Farm Interpretive Center, 6501 Pageland Lane,Gainesville


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