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Contributed by Firehouse Foodie

Photo provided by Firehouse Foodie

Crock Pot Lasagna

I recently participated in a training exercise for first responders, not as a provider but as a mock victim. I was made up in moulage that consisted of red food coloring, water and corn syrup. Others participating were made up with shards of plastic molded into clay, and painted to look as flesh wounds, and other types of injuries. The makeup artists did a great job, and as we acted in the manner directed, the members of the first responders working this imaginary horrific scene went to work sifting through the carnage.

As the First responders worked diligently, evaluators watched and assessed their actions, and camera crews recorded these actions on video as well as still action shots. One particular photographer stood out from all the rest, for his camera flew. Yes I said flew. This gentleman piloted a drone with a camera attached to the underside recording video they could edit later. This drone was a four blade UFO looking unit with blades on each corner and the Go-Pro™ camera recorded the events in HD video from high above giving a birds eye-view.

Turns out these drones have many practical applications and you have seen the footage they shoot in your favorite TV shows, especially reality shows and commercials for quite some time. They are relatively low cost, shoot in HD, and get shots that were once unattainable. The practical application doesn’t stop there. In the Fire Service, we can use these Drones rigged with remote video feeds, to survey a hazardous situation that may be just to dangerous to send humans into such as chemical spills, or explosion areas where there is still the threat of unexploded artifacts present. I can see how they could be flown into a sink hole to see if there are survivors that may need rescue, or in the event of a building collapse, where structural stability is questionable. So as you can see, these remote control drones can be, and are being used for purposes of the greater good. This type of technology tends to get a bad wrap, because everyone thinks that big brother is watching, but this type of technology may just be what saves the day.

Technology in the kitchen has allowed us to get more done in the day and take a different perspective on life as well. One of the most ingenious technological advancements to ever take place in the kitchen was the invention of the Crock Pot™. This great cook piece of cooking wonder as you know allows us to make wonderful dishes and have a fulfilling meal with out slaving over the stove. In the Firehouse, we can put dinner in the Crock Pot™ and not have to worry if we get a call or run late training, if dinner will ever get done. I like the fact that many different types of food can be made in this modern marvel, and since Italian is one of my favorites, when we figured out how to make Lasagna, I was in heaven. I hope you enjoy my Easy, Healthy Crock Pot™ Lasagna, “That’s Bringing the Firehouse Home!”

Easy, Healthy Crock Pot™ Lasagna


1 pound Italian seasoned ground Turkey

1 lb 10oz (or comparable size) Jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce

8 oz pkg. Lasagna noodles, uncooked

4 cups skim Italian Blend shredded cheese

15 oz container of low fat Ricotta Cheese

1 Onion Chopped (your choice of onion, I like sweet or red onions)

2 Cloves Garlic (Sliced)


Spray the inside of the Crock Pot™ with Extra Virgin Olive Oil cooking spray

Brown Italian seasoned ground Turkey, with chopped onions and sliced garlic

Stir in spaghetti sauce once Turkey is brown and onions are cooked

Spread ¼ of meat sauce into the bottom of the Crock Pot™

Arrange 1/3 of the uncooked noodles over the sauce (If you have to break them up so they fit better, it’s not a big deal)

Mix 3 cups skim Italian Blend shredded cheese (Saving 1 cup to top dish) and low fat Ricotta Cheese in bowl.

Spoon 1/3 of the cheese mix over the noodles

Repeat these steps two more times and top with remaining sauce

Cover and Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours , (great to start when you leave for work, it will be ready when you get home or put it on at the start of the shift and it’s ready come chow time!)

Layer last 1 cup of skim Italian Blend shredded cheese 5 minutes before uncovering and letting stand in Crock Pot™ for 10 minutes before serving to help set.

(for an extra little cheese kick, add ½ cup of low fat grated Parmesan Cheese to the cheese mix)

Dish out with non-slotted spoon and enjoy!

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