Rep. Comstock on Metro’s Draft Maintenance Plan

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Provided by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s Office

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (VA-10) released the following statement after the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) General Manager Paul Wiedefeld released a draft plan outlining an aggressive attempt to make much-needed repairs and improvements to Metrorail infrastructure:

“The general manager’s plan, as he’s outlined it to me, is aggressive but necessary.  It is focused on safety, accountability, and customer service.  We know serious actions must be taken to restore Metro to the world class system its customers and hard-working taxpayers deserve.  Mr. Wiedefeld recognizes the system is failing with increasing rapidity, and that is why this draft plan aims to implement three years’ worth of repairs in one year.  He explained that if the plan were not so aggressive, the backlog of issues would grow faster than the rate of repair.

“Metro repairs and delays are something my constituents already live with on a near-constant basis, year after year.  If this plan is executed as outlined, there is no doubt it will be disruptive and frustrating.  But the general manager is committed to do this in an open and transparent manner so that Metro riders can know exactly when their typical routes will be affected so they can plan their commutes accordingly.  I am still reviewing this draft plan and will be in regular contact with Metro to offer my views as well as the suggestions of my constituents as we work through the process of making Metro safer and more accountable.”

Congresswoman Comstock, along with Congressmen Connolly and Beyer, were briefed about this draft proposal directly by General Manager Wiedefeld this morning.  Metro’s draft Safe Track Plan can be viewed here.


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