Rep. Comstock Statement on Passage of the Financial CHOICE Act

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Provided by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock made the following statement on H.R. 10, the Financial Creating Hope and Opportunity for Investors, Consumer and Entrepreneurs (CHOICE) Act, that passed today by a vote of 233 to 186.

“Whether someone is trying to get a mortgage on a house or a farm, or obtain a small business loan, the thousands and thousands of pages of additional regulations have been overwhelming our community banks and credit unions.  Since Dodd-Frank was enacted, big banks have grown larger, while our community banks and credit unions have closed at an average rate of one a day.  The Financial CHOICE Act we voted on today ends bank bailouts, holds wrongdoers accountable, and saves the American taxpayers money; while easing the impact and cost of burdensome regulations for families, small businesses, credit unions, and community banks.”


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