Rep. Comstock Votes For FY19 DoD Appropriations Act

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Provided by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s Office

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-VA) released the following statement after she voted for, and the House passed, H.R. 6157, the Department of Defense Appropriations Act for 2019:

“Our servicemen and women deserve our full commitment of their critical mission of defending our nation.  We must rebuild our military to full strength so our men and women in uniform have the tools they need to complete their mission and keep us safe.  This legislation gives our troops their largest pay raise in almost ten years, keeping our promise to take care of them when they make daily sacrifices.  This legislation also makes certain that the families of our military are taken care of by providing over $34 billion to fund the Defense Health Program that covers cancer research, sexual assault prevention, and other health priorities.  Almost $246 billion is allocated to readiness programs and training to address the potentially deadly readiness crisis harming our armed forces, and $145 billion is dedicated to the military equipment in each of the military branches, including the replenishment of our Naval fleet as well as new aircraft and other vehicles.  The constantly changing landscape of war is addressed by allotting over $90 billion for research and development of new defense systems.  For too long our military has been hollowed out with needless defense cuts and this dangerous path is now being reversed with this critical legislation.”



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