Reps. Wittman, Brown Introduce the Just In Case Act

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Provided by Rep. Rob Wittman’s Office

Congressman Rob Wittman (R–Va.) and Congressman Anthony Brown (D-Md.) introduced the Just In Case Act (JICA) today, Aug. 24. JICA would provide a permanent special emergency reimbursement authority to the Department of Defense, similar to that provided by Section 3610 of the CARES Act which allows contractors to be reimbursed if they are unable to work on-site during times of disaster. Under JICA, the Secretary of Defense would have discretion to reimburse contractors in the event a disaster prevents on-site work by federal contractors.

“When COVID-19 struck, it revealed the difficulties federal contractors face when their work is disrupted by newly imposed restrictions. After much difficulty, Section 3610 of the CARES Act solved this issue by allowing federal contractors to be reimbursed for offsite work.  The Just In Case Act permanently gives the Secretary of Defense a special reimbursement authority should a similar disaster strike in the future,” said Congressman Wittman. “This will enable contractors–particularly small innovative businesses–to keep their workforces intact and weather the crisis when unable to perform on their contracts due to state, county and local government restrictions.”

“Ensuring continuity and resiliency within our broader defense workforce is essential to our national security and heading off threats to our homeland and citizens,” said Congressman Brown. “In the event of another pandemic or crisis situation, this legislation will help ensure the retention of our talented men women who  every day work to protect our country.”


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