Reshaping Space: A Virtual Concert

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Provided by Workhouse Arts Center

The “reshaping space” exhibition, open from March 4 to Nov. 29, features select ceramic wall-work installations by artists Lori Katz, Laurel Lukaszewski, Kristen Morsches and Novie Trump. These works explore the concept of space – taking up, filling and probing the positive versus the negative. The exhibition challenges the versatility of 3D ceramic work by examining its overflow from the wall into open air. Though “reshaping apace” was curated pre-pandemic, the term itself fits well into our pandemic life.

Percussionist and composer Tom Teasley has been captivated by the work in “reshaping space,” and his latest musical project is directly inspired by the exhibit. Teasley, along with Chao Tian and Shu-Chen Cuff, will explore the new reshaping that needs to take place in our everyday lives. Using percussion and dance, the three will depict a reshaping of physical space as well as a more cerebral space.

Said Teasley of the project, “I’ve always been fascinated with the intersection between visual art, movement and sound. Chao and I have a very intuitive connection and draw from each other’s cultures in an extremely organic fashion. Last spring we had an opportunity to collaborate with the fabulous dancer Shu-Chen Cuff. The three of us were able to create a unique improvised form of expression that we wanted to further explore. In keeping with The Workhouse esthetic of a communal arts community, combining our work with the outstanding visual artists seemed like a natural fit. What better reflection of our times is ‘reshaping space?'”

“The new collaboration amount Dong Xi and Shu-Chen is an interdisciplinary attempting and we have been seeking for an intelligible and interpretive way to favorably connect the audience with our emotions, languages, artistic stories, and concepts,” added Chao.

About the Concert 

Virtually from the WORKHOUSE ARTS CENTER, McGuire Woods Gallery and Virtually (Facebook Live). The Workhouse Arts Center is located at 9518 Workhouse Way, Building W16, Lorton, The concert is on Nov. 28 at 8:00 p.m. and tickets are donation-based.





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