Retirement Living Rightsizing Tips

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Provided by Westminster at Lake Ridge

What exactly does “rightsizing” mean? According to, it means “to adjust to an appropriate size.” For those looking to move into a Life Plan Community, rightsizing means making important decisions about what items from your current home will make you happiest in your new home.

Here are some tips when rightsizing for your new residence:

Donate old clothing, shoes, etc. to family members, a local Goodwill or your favorite nonprofit. Many organizations will offer to pick it up from you.

For the supportive friend and/or adult children, don’t rush the person you’re helping rightsize. Keep in mind that belongings often carry meaningful memories and parting with those can be emotional and very difficult. You may certainly suggest to them what you think will benefit them, but ultimately the decision lies with the person who is moving. You may want to explore working with a Senior Move Manager who can offer objective guidance and provide helpful resources (auction houses, junk haulers, etc.) through the process.

Think and be realistic. If you haven’t used/gotten enjoyment out of something in a year or two, do you think that will change in your new home? Consider giving that item a second life with someone who could use/enjoy it, or you may decide to dispose of it. Trash can become expensive if you let it build up. Instead – fill up a trash bag as often as possible with items you no longer want/need and dispose of them in the weekly trash. You may want to start with rooms you don’t normally spend time in – that’s where you’re most likely to find unused belongings that you didn’t know you had or need.

If you have a lot of photos in frames and don’t think you’ll have enough space in the new home for them, try creating a photo album. Saving space with one album versus several picture frames can be a fun way to relive memories and make it easier to share them with others.

Here are some tips from current Westminster at Lake Ridge residents about their rightsizing experience:

“Be absolutely certain that you have the exact measurements on the floor plan of your new home. Sometimes just a few inches will make a big difference when fitting in a piece of furniture. It (rightsizing) was a big change and the daunting question was, how do we give up so many items that were dear to us? We soon realized that it wasn’t our stuff that makes a home a home. It’s the people.”
-Marti G.

“Don’t be afraid to get rid of things – every item you bring to your new home should have multiple purposes. For example, if you are placing a sofa table behind the sofa, make sure it has a shelf so you can put some attractive baskets for additional storage. Let someone else love those things you no longer have space for.” -Angie T.

Rightsizing makes the exciting process of moving into a new home easier and less stressful. Start rightsizing today!


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