Revitalized Purpose

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By Frank E. Vaerewyck FF/EMT/Firehouse Chef

As time marches on and technology makes things bigger and better even big firehouses of yesteryear get small. As the trucks get bigger and more capable to handle all the functions we have to perform, we out grow them. Sometimes it’s easier and more cost effective to just widen doors. Originally the station may have had bi-fold wooden doors, to house a horse and steam engine, then replaced with roll up doors later in life, to house more modern fire equipment. As the trucks got bigger it may have been determined that some bricks had to be removed and the doors made bigger. Sometimes you just completely outgrow the station all together, as in the case of Station #3 Fairfax City, in Fairfax County, Va.

These beautiful buildings can be revitalized and put to good use. The Old Station #3 in Fairfax is now a restaurant that goes by the same name. The Children’s Museum in Easton, MA is a located inside of a historic firehouse. The museum has three floors filled with different activities. It was designed for interactive learning and dedicated to educational, cultural, and social learning for children and families.

These retired buildings have served their communities well and stood as not only landmarks but beacons of hope in times of need. Today they are being transformed into community centers, food pantries, and even homes complete with spacious living areas, huge kitchens and a feel of historic comfort you sometimes can not get from a new, freshly built house. We love new stuff, but sometimes it’s neat to hang on to the old things that can be revitalized and put to good use with a bright future. Food is no different and though I love mashed potatoes, I am not a big fan of the russet, or Idaho potato. I like reds and my Cream Cheesy Smashed Red Potatoes recipe is great way to bet that time honored mashed potato taste with a revitalized flavor and flair and “That’s Bringing the Firehouse Home.”

Cream Cheesy Smashed Red Potatoes


2 ½ pound of Red Potatoes

1 Stick of Butter

8 oz Sour Cream

1 cup Cheddar cheese


Boil 6 cups water in large pot.

Cut red potatoes into smaller portions, do not peel potatoes.

Place red potato pieces in boiling water and cook until potatoes are soft.

Drain potatoes in colander.

With burner off, place stick of butter in pot and reintroduce potatoes.

Mash with potato masher, add in sour cream as potatoes start to become smooth, add in cheddar cheese and continue to mash, add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve hot as a side dish, and ENJOY!!!

For an extra added treat mix in real bacon pieces.



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