Rob Jinks Photography: Telling Wedding Day Stories Through Photos

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By Katrina Wilson / Photos by Rob Jinks

Rob Jinks, owner and lead photographer of Rob Jinks Photography, has photographed more than 130 weddings in four years across Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland. His images tell the unique story of each couple’s big day.

Jinks’s History

As a child, Jinks loved being outdoors with his father, and he also joined his father, owner of his own plumbing business, on indoor plumbing calls. Both experiences taught him how to use different skills and views for his photography business.

Being a part of his father’s plumbing business taught him how to pay attention to details and have strong client interactions. And the fun of the outdoors — hiking, biking and kayaking — allowed him the ability to blend in the two experiences for his photography.

Jinks’s Approach to Photography

Jinks said he can be a storyteller through his photography, especially when he first encounters his clients.

“I start by getting to know my clients. For couples, it’s about knowing their story, background and what is most important to them,” he said. “Then it’s a matter of making a plan, being in the right place at the right time and doing everything I can to tell their story with images that are compelling and engaging.”

While some may think a compelling and engaging photo is worth 1,000 words, Jinks said multiple well-rounded pictures are worth 1,000 words.

“Yes. Some photos can tell a deep story and those are definitely some of my favorite images as a wedding photographer,” he said. “However, my job is to tell a story of a couple’s day and that calls for a well-rounded set of images, which together tell a complete and compelling story as a whole. For my work with wedding and branding, a great story requires a well-rounded set of images.”

The images he captures are always infused with his personal style.

“I prefer authentic colors, bold contrast and interesting compositions,” Jinks said. “Most of the time I take a very documentary approach, especially with weddings. But there are times when I see something specific that I want to create which might require more intentionality.”

He noted the energy and excitement he feels when experiencing something new and meaningful.

“When I see something I haven’t seen before, or when I see a moment between people unfolding before me, I get excited. Whether it’s a simple everyday moment or a monumental life event, I try to cultivate a level of curiosity each day that keeps me excited to create.”

Wedding Photography

on  high note 0720, Rob Jinks

That creativity transcends into the collaborative partnerships he has with his couples when it comes to their wedding photos. He emphasizes the importance of each couple asking their photographer questions to ensure they get the photos they want from their wedding day.

“The photographer is one of the people that a couple will spend the most time with on their wedding day,” Jinks said. “Therefore, I’m a huge believer that you should not just love your photographer’s photos, but their personality. You must, in a sense, see yourselves being friends with them and hanging out all day. It’s important to get to know your photographer, to understand their vision, their style, their experience, and their professionalism.”

This professionalism also includes the couple viewing the photographer’s portfolio. He recognizes the final product is very important and a photographer must be able to deliver.

“Prospective wedding clients should look for diverse sets of images that cover everything you might see on a wedding day,” Jinks said. “If you have the budget for it, I would look for a photographer who is established and has experience tackling every scenario imaginable.”

In his more than 130 weddings, Jinks has encountered every lighting situation imaginable and has built a portfolio that he is proud to share with clients. Through his years of work, he has also realized the importance of making them feel at ease being photographed. “You be their friend,” Jinks said. “You engage in conversation and take an interest in them. You help them look their best and are encouraging.”

He added that it is more than finding a setting with a pretty background.

“For engagement sessions, I love doing something and going somewhere that is meaningful to my clients, not just another pretty place,” he said. “This helps them be in a familiar, comfortable place where they can be themselves.”

Every wedding client receives a digital online gallery of their images, and 60% to 70% add on an actual album. “Albums keep your images available to be enjoyed,” he said. “A timeless, beautiful and well-made album will last a lifetime and enable you to share your story for generations to come.”

One of his most memorable wedding shoots involved his love for the outdoors and photography.

“My first wedding in the Shenandoah National Park. I grew up loving the outdoors, backpacking and had spent a lot of time with my dad exploring the Shenandoah,” said Jinks. “So I was, needless to say, excited to shoot a wedding there! At that wedding I got one of the first images that ever made me go, ‘Whoa!’ We went to an overlook near the wedding to get photos with the best light of the day. We ended up having stormy
clouds and rain in the valley, which was the most perfect, epic backdrop we could have asked for. It was a perfect way to tell their story and an image that I’ll never forget.”

While weddings have been postponed during COVID-19, Jinks is ready to get back to work as soon as he’s able.

“I plan on jumping right back to where I was with family lifestyle sessions, engagement sessions and many weddings this fall!” Jinks said. “Everything has been postponed, so it’s about to get very busy for the photographers in our area.”

But the pandemic has not prevented him from enjoying his craft. “Lately, that has meant bringing out the macro camera to capture bees exploring our blooming flowers,” he said. “I’ve brought together household items into a staged product shoot. And I’ve never let down an opportunity to photograph my kids and their adventures around our house.”

For more information on Rob Jinks Photography for weddings and commercial photography, visit the website or follow him on Instagram: @robjinksphoto.

Katrina Wilson calls herself a Carolina girl, because she was born and raised in South Carolina and is still learning Northern Virginia. Writing is her outlet and she has two published books. Reach her at


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