“Roll With the Proper Gear” to Improve Motorcycle Safety

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Provided by Prince William County Police

Spring is around the corner and more riders will be on the roads on their motorcycles. The Police Department, along with the Department of Motor Vehicles, advises that to be safe riders and their passengers should “Roll With the Proper Gear.” Proper riding gear can reduce crashes by
increasing a rider’s visibility to other drivers and reducing the severity of injuries if involved in a crash.

Below is preliminary crash-fatality data involving motorcycles, which compares the 2020 and 2021
reports. The data shows there was an approximate 12% increase in motorcycle crashes (1827 to 2051), an
11% increase in injuries (1769 to 1962) and a 14% increase (92 to 105) in motorcycle fatalities. [Source:
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles]

police, fatality data

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has identified three factors that stand out: lack of training,
speeding and riding on non-interstate roadways. In 2021, 52% of motorcycle fatalities were primarily due
to unlicensed/untrained operators; 50% were primarily due to speeding, and 88% were primarily due to
crashes on non-interstate roads. These factors can be offset through motorcycle operator training,
reducing excessive speeding and remaining alert when riding on non-interstate roads. “Roll With the
Proper Gear” in 2022 and stay safe!


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