Safety Tips for Holiday Shopping and Package Delivery

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Provided by Prince William County

The 2020 holiday season is here, and the Prince William County Police Department reminds residents of some basic safety tips to observe while shopping online and receiving package deliveries.

For online shopping:

  • Skip the debit card, which is usually linked directly to a bank account. Use credit cards or secure payment services, like PayPal, instead since they have buyer protection policies.
  • Shop on secure sites. Before entering personal or financial information, verify that the site is legitimate and secure.
  • Beef up passwords and be careful about using public Wi-Fi sites to shop.
  • Never give more information than needed on a website. Be cognizant of the amount of personal information being provided.
For package-delivery security when no one is home:

  • Have packages delivered to the home of a relative or friend who is at home, or to the workplace, if allowed.
  • Have packages held at a secure site for pick up.
  • Take advantage of the “ship to store” option that many retailers offer.
  • Request that packages have signature confirmation upon delivery.
  • Ask carriers to place packages in an area out of plain view.
Following these basic tips can help ensure happy holidays, as well as bring peace of mind.

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