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Provided by Savage Burrito

Savage Burrito, the brand that embraces the fierce, bold nature of individuality, has deliciously done it again with its own take on quesadillas. And (spoiler alert): They’re savage. Launching Wednesday, Nov. 3, in the D.C. metro area and beyond, Savage Burrito will add signature quesadillas to its menu, making delicious, hand-crafted quesadillas available for third-party delivery straight to your hungry mouth. Savage Burrito is available in Gainesville and Woodbridge, as well as Fairfax County, Arlington, and nearby in Maryland. Savage Burrito is available exclusively through third-party delivery services.Being bold and unafraid to embrace originality is baked into the DNA of Savage Burrito, and it’s no different with its quesadillas. Hand-crafted in the kitchens of Uncle Julio’s, Savage Burrito’s quesadillas are made from scratch using the bold flavor combinations that have been such a hit with the Savage fam, sandwiched between flavor-infused tortillas and lightly pressed to create that perfectly-crisp texture.

Savage Burrito

Spicy Chicken

Signature items include The O.G. in your choice of mesquite grilled steak, chicken or vegetables, with fresh avocado, chipotle crema, jack cheese, white rice, black beans, roasted corn, sautéed peppers and onions. It may seem familiar, but the from-scratch approach takes it to the next level.Or go for the Tex-Mex Flex with its ground beef, black beans, chipotle, queso, roasted corn, pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos and yellow cheese in a spicy Cholula tortilla. There’s no humble here.

Savage Burrito

Nashville Hot

Other solid picks include the Cholula tortilla-wrapped Nashville Hot Chicken with hand-breaded too-hot-to-handle chicken and fixins, and the Savage Garden, with six slices of fresh avocado for those looking for a vegetarian experience. Each comes with your choice of two: sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole or one of the signature hand-crafted sauces (chipotle crema, jalapeno ranch, Hatch chile sauce, ranch, lima crema, poblano crema, roasted tomato salsa or roasted habanero salsa).Or, if perfection isn’t good enough for you, feel free to build your own Savage quesadilla through the create-your-own option. Non-negotiables are the fresh ingredients and hand-crafted approach.Savage Signature items (quesadillas, burritos, bowls and salads) start at $8.

Savage Burrito


Savage Burrito was created to meet the evolving needs of customers looking for high-quality delivery options easily accessible from their favorite apps such as Door Dash, Grubhub, Uber Eats or Postmates. Operating as a virtual restaurant, there are no physical locations.Savage Burrito makes some good food, but it also aims to make a difference. The company uses its social channels to highlight people being bold and having a positive impact on their communities. A #SavageSquad of like-minded individuals helps people meet the brand’s vibe IRL and introduce people to the Savage #BurritoFam.Through its excellent food and inclusive brand, Savage Burrito hopes to be the choice for those who believe in the difference that fresh, from-scratch food makes; those that celebrate individuality and adventure; and those savage enough to never stop being real.Find the Savage #BurritoFam on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, TikTok (@savageburrito) and Snapchat (@savage-burritos). A custom Savage Spotify playlist is now available to drop to your device as well.


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