What Did They Just Say?

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By Frank E. Vaerewyck, FF/EMT

The radio crackled a familiar sound, “Medic 60 Sick call” then two short tones followed by a long tone and one more short tone, “Medic 60 sick call, 1423 Madden Ave, caller advises Pt. is on 02 but having shortness, time out 13-48.” This is repeated once more and the faint sounds of sirens from the ambulance can be heard from the “Bus” leaving the rescue station located behind the Firehouse.

Sitting at the fire station filling out paper work it occurred to me that what I hear as plain English, doesn’t sound that way to everyone. When we leave the station it may sound something like “Engine 50 en route, par 4” across the radio and as we approach an intersection you may hear “Engine Main and Chester” or when we arrive at the fire or incident, “Engine 50, Truck 50 on scene single story nothing showing side A & D, investigating, hold one and one all others stage at the corner.” The Dispatcher repeating everything just as we say it, to confirm they heard it, usually with a copy to follow, but what does all of that mean?

Go to any diner or Waffle House and you will be fascinated to hear the wait staff call out to the short order cook, what you want, in a fashion not as you asked for it. “One cackleberries out west, with a side of cats heads and easy diggins for the gent and flop two, over easy, side of zeppelins in a fog for the lady, I got their cup of mud and oh he wants you to firehouse his!” The cook then replies in the same fashion to confirm that he heard everything just as the dispatcher repeats everything we say. We have a language all to our own, and though it takes time to learn and understand it, eventually it’s just Plain English. Oh and in case you were wondering, I ordered a western omelette with a side of biscuits and gravy, and Tina got two fried eggs, flipped over carefully, with the yolk very runny and a side of sausages and mashed potatoes and I wanted to add chili sauce to my dish.

“That’s Bringing the Firehouse Home!”


Not So Fried Chicken

Not So Fried Chicken


4 Healthy Chicken Breasts, Boneless/Skinless

4 Eggs Large Grade A

2 cups Panko Italian seasoning Bread Crumbs

Sea Salt and Black Pepper Olive Oil cooking Spray


Crack eggs into bowl and mix yolk with whites well.

Place Panko crumbs in separate bowl.

Spray Olive Oil in 14X9 baking dish, I use Baking Stone Ware.

Roll chicken breasts in egg wash and coat thoroughly, place well coated breast in Panko Crumbs and completely coat covering every inch, then place in baking dish. Coating thoroughly with egg was will allow you to coat completely with the bread crumbs and seal in the flavor and juices.

Bake chicken breasts at 350 degrees F for 45 minutes to an hour, flip once half way through and make sure that the core temp gets to 165 degrees F by checking the meat with a thermometer.

Bread crumbs will crisp up and chicken will taste like fried chicken with out all of the grease and unhealthiness of the dish.


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