School Start and End Times Effective Feb. 23

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

PWCS has released the starting and ending bell times for all schools planned to take effect Feb. 23 per the School Board’s plan.

Note: These times are based on current selection of in-person versus virtual. They are subject to change. 

School day operation schedules will vary from school to school. Your child’s school will communicate directly specific daily scheduling information including period/blocks and lunch shift information.

As a reminder, on Jan. 12, the School Board approved an updated plan for the in-person return dates for all fourth through twelfth grade students (whose parent/guardian have chosen for them to return in-person).

PWCS Shares Reminder Regarding Hybrid In-Person Start Dates

If a student has opted to remain virtual-only, they will continue to remain virtual. Should a parent/guardian wish to change from in-person to virtual, please contact your school directly to make the change.

The Board further directed that information regarding the feasibility of these new dates be provided by the Superintendent at its Feb, 17, 2021 Board Meeting. In the interim, the Superintendent shall retain the authority to take such measures as he considers necessary to protect the health of students and staff, including measures needed to respond to the impact of the pandemic on individual schools. This includes the sudden change of operations, including closure if needed, such as in a weather emergency.


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