Four Secrets Your Garbage Collector Knows About You

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Provided by American Disposal Services

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Most people never give their trash a second thought. They tend to dump whatever it is that they feel has no value, or that which they have no further need for, directly into the can. Unless someone suddenly discovers they are missing a check or a diamond ring, once the garbage can goes out to the curb for pick up, it’s good-bye!

What most people don’t know is that their trash reveals so much more about them and their families than they could ever imagine. Your garbage collector knows all your secrets, habits, and flat out lies. There is very little that your local trash person does not know about you, and it can be pretty scary if you think about it.

Let’s take a look at the top four secrets your garbage collector knows that even your mother probably doesn’t even know about you!

1. Those Dirty Little Secrets

Are you a binge eater? Or a binge drinker? You can bet that the evidence that you thought was safely tucked away in the bottom of the trash can, is common knowledge to your trash collector. They see those adult diapers, the 20 empty boxes of Oreos, even those porn DVDs and magazines that you tried to hide from your significant other, week after week. They know what toys you bought your kids for Christmas, who didn’t eat grandma’s fruit cake, and who subscribes to those skin magazines. Oh yeah, your garbage collector knows all, but won’t tell all. At least, not unless the police ask for their help.

2. They Work With the Police

If they are asked to, your trash collector will work with the police. Many people don’t realize that trash left out for collection is considered to be abandoned. It’s perfectly legal to take property that is abandoned. So while the police can look through your trash, why should they? It’s more likely that they will ask trash collectors to do it for them. Sometimes the police will ask garbage workers to look for certain types of trash, such as chemicals or particular containers, as these might indicate a meth lab. Other times, the police ask for more specific items, such as body parts or suitcases large enough to hold bodies. If you thought you were going to get away with a crime by dumping your evidence in the trash, you have another think coming. Who said working with the trash was boring?

3. They Know Where You Stash the Cash

Ask any garbage collector and they will tell you that they find money and uncashed checks or gift cards in the trash all the time. Sometimes the money is stuffed inside hollowed out books; other times, gift cards and checks are found in unopened mail. One story says that a woman threw out more than $15,000 because she didn’t know her husband had stored it in an old cooler, which she set out with the garbage cans. People like to hide their money in strange places, so you would be wise to check things out carefully before you toss anything into the trash.

4. Don’t Bother to Flush

If you think that flushing something disgusting or incriminating will help to hide your sins from the garbage man, think again. Since water gets treated, all the trash that gets flushed ends up being fished out of the water treatment centers by others. It is then put in the trash cans at the treatment centers, where it is collected for disposal. Now, while it is true that your local garbage man won’t know which house flushed junior’s goldfish while it was still in the bag, it remains a fact that someone has to pick up your trash, they just have to do it someplace else.

American Disposal Services handles the secrets of four states and seven counties each and every week. You can count on us for dependable, efficient service.


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