Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center’s Total Ankle Program

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Provided by Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center introduces The Total Ankle Program. Robert J. Toomey III, DPM, Vice President of Potomac Podiatry Group and contributing member of the Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center Foot & Ankle Center of Excellence, tells us more about the program.

What is total ankle replacement, and when is it necessary?

Total ankle replacement is a procedure to replace a damaged ankle joint, particularly those in end-stage arthritis to help reduce pain, swelling and help return the patient to a more natural stride.

Is it only for “older” people or those who have been in a serious or traumatic crash?

It is traditionally for end-stage arthritis patients. Previous generations recommended patients older than 65, but as time progresses, more studies are being published showing patients as young as their mid-30s successfully have the procedure performed.

This procedure has come a long way; how has it evolved? What does that mean for the patients?

The procedure has evolved immensely over the past 50 years and has made significant strides in reliability and patient satisfaction outcomes over the past 20 years. Foot and ankle specialists have increased their understanding of limb and ankle alignment as well as ankle motion anatomically, contributing to more efficient and anatomical ankle replacements. Almost every implant is now created for each individual after having a CT scan to determine the patient’s limb alignment, length and bony deformities.

Can you do this procedure at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center?

Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center’s team is specially trained to treat and care for patients before, during and after this advanced procedure to address the needs of Total Ankle Replacement patients.
To learn more about the Sentara Total Ankle Program, call 855-704-FOOT (855-704-3668) or visit


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