Service Authority Executive Wins Technology Icon Award

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Provided by Prince William County Service Authority (PWCSA)

Prince William County Service Authority’s Chief Information & Technology Officer (CITO), Hari B. Kurup, is the recipient of the 2022 Cloud for Utilities Technology Executive Icon Award. The award honors an executive who used technology and innovation to solve problems in the utilities industry.

“Water utilities are facing a multitude of challenges like climate change, crumbling infrastructure, affordability and talent attrition. The digital utility concept is the Information Technology team’s answer to assist the utility operations to support and ensure a modern civilization,” said CITO Hari Kurup. “I am humbled by this award and happy to see more innovation happening in this area, which helps all of us to do more with fewer resources.”

Other categories that received Cloud for Utilities’ Icon Awards include CEO, Customer Executive and Customer Innovation. The winners were chosen by a Cloud for Utilities’ Executive Advisory Board panel of judges based on the strength of the application and evidence provided.

In his previous role as Director of Enterprise Services, Mr. Kurup was instrumental in achieving DC Water’s Cloud First strategy. He led multi-year programs to implement new capabilities in information technology (IT) infrastructure and technology upgrades. Under his leadership, the DC Water IT team reduced 10 percent of its annual IT operational costs by application cloud migration.

Mr. Kurup was selected to be the Service Authority’s CITO earlier this year, where he is responsible for SA’s digital transformation and cloud migration.


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