Service Authority Reminds Customers to Keep Fats, Oils and Grease Out of Drains this Holiday Season

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Provided by Prince William County Service Authority

As the holiday season begins, the Prince William County Service Authority reminds home and business owners to protect their pipes—and public infrastructure—by properly disposing of fats, oils and grease (FOG).

“When fats, oils and grease are disposed down kitchen drains, they accumulate inside sanitary sewer pipes, restricting flow and causing untreated wastewater to back up and overflow in homes and businesses or escape through manholes,” said Senior Engineer/Collection & Distribution Manager Jonathan Okafor. “These overflows can pollute our rivers and streams, resulting in expensive cleanup and restoration.”

The Service Authority estimates that more than 80 percent of clogs occurring in its sewer lines are the result of FOG being poured down the drain. To protect homes and businesses, sewer lines and the environment from costly and hazardous overflows, the Service Authority recommends that you “Cool It, Can It, and Trash It.”

  • Allow grease or cooking oil to cool in the pan.
  • Scrape or pour the FOG into a secure, sealable container like a jar or can with a lid. Once the container of FOG is full, place the can in the trash.
  • Wipe down pots and pans with a paper towel, then throw the paper towel in the trash.

Enjoy your holiday feasts while protecting pipes from FOG!


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