Service Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant Earns State Award

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Provided by Prince William County Service Authority

The Prince William County Service Authority’s H.L. Mooney Advanced Water Reclamation Facility (AWRF) has earned the 2022 Facility Maintenance Award from the Virginia Water Environment Association (VWEA) for its Oil Analysis Program. The award recognizes the facility for its outstanding performance in maintaining its wastewater treatment equipment and processes.

“The success of this program relies greatly upon the skill of the maintenance staff who are consistently taking these samples and maintaining the equipment,” said Water Reclamation Maintenance Manager Aaron Weatherspoon. “We anticipate that this program will increase the life of our equipment and benefit both our customers and the environment.”

Through its Oil Analysis Program and working with a contractor, Mooney AWRF staff conducts an analysis of oil used in its machinery twice a year. This analysis helps determine the ideal time between oil changes for specialized equipment, which can be longer or shorter than manufacturers’ recommendations. Based on testing results, AWRF staff can lengthen the time between oil changes on some machines, which will save money while reducing the strain on natural resources. To date, the Oil Analysis Program has reduced oil consumption at the Mooney AWRF facility by an estimated 2,500 gallons.

The testing also found that some equipment requires more frequent oil changes than recommended. Service Authority employees are now changing oil in those machines more frequently, which is expected to extend the life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.


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