Service Authority Wins Two National Environmental Achievement Awards

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Provided by Prince William County Service Authority

The Prince William County Service Authority recently received two National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) 2023 National Environmental Achievement Awards. The awards recognize individual NACWA members and utilities who have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection, communities, ratepayers and the water sector.

In the Operations & Environmental Performance category, the Service Authority was recognized for its work in Asset Management Analytics Program, which collects and consolidates data from various resources to determine which sewer gravity pipes are at highest risk of breaking or leaking, along with potential consequences. Through Asset Management Analytics, the Service Authority is better able to prioritize maintenance and replacement for high-risk sewer pipe segments.

“It’s exciting to know our Asset Management Analytics Program is cutting edge for our industry,” said Nathan Griffin, Senior Hydraulic Modeler at the Service Authority. “It’s encouraging to know we are an industry leader, blazing this path to a more data-driven approach to asset replacement.”

In the Public Information & Education category, the Service Authority’s H2GoKids online learning hub also earned national recognition. This program features a variety of environmental education resources, student activities, and online and pre-recorded classroom presentations about topics like watersheds, drinking water and wastewater treatment.

“H2Go Kids has been the core component of the Service Authority’s educational outreach program since 2020,” said Michelle Bouchard, Community Outreach Supervisor. “In three years, we are on track to reach 30,000 local students through H2Go Kids.”

The awards were presented in February during the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) 2023 Winter Conference held in Sonoma, California.


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