Set Your Sights Right For 2017

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By Melissa Davies, Wise Ways Consulting, Inc.

Melissa Davies

Melissa Davies

Much has been written about the national mood in 2016. Here in Northern Virginia, it’s even harder to predict. Amidst the hand-wringing for residents who work directly for the federal government or government contractors, people wonder – will it be boom or bust? Will the Metro continue to take us safely to and from work? What will happen to tolls on 66? We’re almost holding our breath, waiting to see how our lives and livelihoods will change.

As you flip the calendar from December to January, and breathe a sigh of relief that it’s a new year, remember to celebrate 2016’s positive moments.

  • Virginia has shown positive employment growth for the past 32 consecutive months.
  • Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. reports that in 2016, the median price of a home in Prince William County increased four percent.

There is growth and opportunity right here in our community, both personal and professional. How you set your sights will determine your own success in 2017.

Instead of reflecting further on the year and thinking “ugh, why didn’t I do that?” (sub in whichever ‘that’ was on last year’s list), look at the process of how you went about making positive change.  Identify what worked.  Then consider some of these ideas to get you started for 2017:

  • Look for a mentor, executive coach and/or professional group
  • Attend career and networking meetings
  • Sign up for an online webinar in your field
  • Update your resume, even if you aren’t looking for a job
  • Make one small health change at a time
  • Enlist a support group of family or friends to keep you on track
  • Get enough sleep

Studies show that actually writing down specific goals leads to more success than just thinking about them.  Make sure you write yours down!

However you start 2017, remember change and growth comes from taking action. Your personal goals won’t happen overnight. It just may take another full year.



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