Seven Touches to Make the Sale

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By All Things Writing, LLC


Ask any salesperson, and they’ll likely tell you that most sales are not closed during the first exposure to a service or product. It takes repetition and variety to snag customers and close deals, especially when your leads are virtually strangers. In fact, it typically takes an average of seven marketing “touches” to make a sale.

What Is a Touch?

A marketing touch is any encounter with or exposure to the service or product you’re trying to sell. Someone’s attention might be caught by a Facebook ad, an article in a publication, a magazine ad, a blog, an email, a direct mailing and an in-person conversation before they are ready to buy into your product. Visibility is key, and in order to achieve that coveted visibility, you’ve got to be versatile and expand your reach and not put all your eggs into one basket.

The Importance of Diversifying Your Marketing

While an effective ad or jingle can get stuck in a customer’s head for days, it’s best not to rely on the power of just one method. Your best marketing plan includes a diverse list of platforms and approaches. It often takes several encounters for a customer to even get to the stage where they are interested in requesting information. Imagine the power of additional exposure to your product once they are interested — ads that educate and clearly portray the benefits of and need for your product. Each step prepares your customer with the necessary information to help you close the sale.

Ways to Diversify Your Marketing

Since you can’t rely on one or two forms of marketing to sell your product, what are some of the ways you can expand your marketing plan?

  • Social media – Having a great social media plan can provide a variety of marketing touches. You should be active on a few platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and/or LinkedIn, and post consistently. Consider investing in ads or sponsored posts, as well, and interact with your customers as much as possible to improve your reach and humanize your brand.
  • Blogs – Blogs are powerful tools for marketing. They can offer education and expanded information about your product or service and clearly show consumers why they need to invest in it. Fresh content is a great thing to share on social media, too. And, blogs increase incoming traffic to your website.
  • In-person events – Look for events where your target audience will be, and show up! Consider giving out print materials, offering specials and generally driving people back to your website or social media channels to increase those marketing touches.
  • Print collateral – Having an array of print materials benefits your business. As mentioned earlier, you can give them out in person and also do a direct mailing to leads.
  • Phone calls – Follow up on leads with good old fashioned phone calls. It’s a personal and direct approach that’s tried and true.
  • Print advertisement – Use the power of your local publications to reach your consumers with print advertisements. Consider adding discounts exclusively for readers of the publication.
  • Sponsored content – Want to control what’s said about you in your community? Purchase an advertising package with a publication that includes sponsored content. You can steer the focus of the spotlight story and pick and choose the information you’d like to highlight.

 If you’re ready to close the deal, then invest some time in diversifying your marketing plan. When your brand is featured in so many places, you’ll rack up those needed touches in no time.


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