Sharon Pandak Presented the Lily Blackwell Lifetime Achievement Award

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Provided by Project Mend-A-House

Sharon Pandak

Sharon Pandak was recently recognized by the Project Mend-A-House Board of Directors for her hard work, dedication and generosity to the Prince William County community.  
Sharon has been dedicated to improving our community and has supported Project Mend-A-House and its mission from the very beginning.  Her leadership and service to Prince William County is truly inspiring and unmatched.  She has had a uniquely positive effect on the growth and quality for all of our fellow citizens.  She is an ideal example of the Project Mend-A-House mission, “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” 

Sharon’s list of accomplishments is long.  She graduated from law school in 1978, a time when very few women entered the field of law.  She served as our County attorney for 15 years, and continues today to serve on the Didlake Board of Directors as well as the Prince William Historic Preservation Foundation.

When Project Mend-A-House was in its early stages in the late 1980s, Sharon decided to make it her mission to help us and this community by asking developers and builders to become involved in contributing back to the communities they served. That mission gave Project Mend-A-House the much needed contributions to jump-start our organization. 

We truly would not be around today if it had not been for Sharon’s dedication to Project Mend-A-House and her passion for making Prince William County a better place to live for everyone, especially our most vulnerable neighbors. We thank you for your dedication and achievement and for providing an example of excellence to which we as a community aspire. 


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