Sick and Deceased Birds Across the Northern Virginia Region

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Provided by Prince William Health District

On Tuesday May 18, 2021, the Northern Region area of Virginia began receiving an increase in the number of calls regarding sick/injured young birds, specifically Grackles and Blue Jays. Eye issues were reported in what otherwise looked like healthy young birds, causing blindness and the birds to land and stay on the ground.

The Northern Virginia and other agencies and localities across the region and state are reporting similar sightings of sick/injured birds. The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, DWR (formerly the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, DGIF), has coordinated testing on a selection of deceased birds through the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources

Results that may shed more light on the current situation are forthcoming.

At this time, members of the public should dispose of these birds promptly when found on their property (see below).

Please remember when disposing of these birds:

  • Wear hand covering (such as gloves), face covering (mask) and avoid any direct contact with the birds
  • Consider picking up the birds using the same method you would for pet waste. Invert a bag over your hand, pick up the bird, and then pull the bag over the bird, double bag and tying with a knot at the top before disposal.
  • Place the sealed bag with gloved hands inside another bag and tie a knot at the top of this bag
  • Dispose of in waste receptacle outside of the home
  • Ensure diligent hand washing after you remove the gloves
  • Report any sick or injured birds to your local Animal Control Division

If a resident finds an injured bird or sick birds on public playgrounds, parks, and fields, please promptly call your local Animal Control Division.


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