Simply Jia, LLC: Helping You Look and Feel Good Everywhere You Go

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By Janet Cass | Sponsored by Simply Jia, LLC

Jia Zheng’s warmth and interest in people radiates over the phone. Helping people discover how to present themselves in a way that makes them feel their authentic best makes her happy. It’s no surprise that she says the “why” behind her personal styling service, Simply Jia, LLC, is to “celebrate the stories of the people in our everyday lives.” That’s evident on her Instagram account showing people she’s helped: men, women, people of different skin colors, different sizes–everyday people, all looking confident and stylish.

Jia empathizes with her clients; she says she felt like an imposter when she held a leadership role in her twenties at a company where other leaders were a decade older. She didn’t know how to dress for the job: “I personally didn’t have a sense of style.” She studied the process people undertake to develop personal style, and en route to discovering how she needed to dress to feel confident in her workplace, discovered that despite her background in business operations she enjoyed working in a creative capacity, and Simply Jia was born.

“It’s incredible to see how clients realize their needs as they go through the process of transformational self-reflection” that’s part of her service, she says. One client, for example, realized the need to establish boundaries between her personal and professional lives—the depth of transformation that Simply Jia clients achieve can be more profound than clothing choice.

In addition to using her creativity to guide clients as their personal style coach, giving back is also important to Jia. She co-sponsored Prince William Living’s 2023 Influential Women’s Award, whose winners were recognized in March 2023. She’s also co-sponsoring an upcoming back-to-school event promoting school readiness, hosted by the Prince William County Community Foundation and Prince William County Public Schools.

Jia Zheng

Jia reviews a client’s closet. (Photo courtesy Simply Jia, LLC)

How Simply Jia Works

People who look inside their bulging closet but “don’t have a thing to wear,” find themselves buying trendy clothes that are quickly outdated or feel like they’re not dressing in a way that reflects who they are, can contact Jia for a complimentary initial virtual consultation. “I want to create a space of calm for people working with me, to self-reflect before we start exploring color and other aspects of fashion,” she explains. Clients “need to know who [they]  are first.”

Clients who work with Jia confer virtually with her each week. Jia also provides closet curation, which can be accomplished virtually or in the client’s home. By the time people finish working with Simply Jia, they’ve discovered their unique, timeless personal style and learned what types of clothing help them look and feel their best. To celebrate that journey of discovery, Jia presents each client with a personalized style guide containing a formula for dressing for every situation.

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Janet Cass is a contributing writer for Prince William Living.


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