‘Simply Redeemed’ Motivates Women to Embrace their Purpose in God

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Provided by Jessica C. Jemmott

“Simply Redeemed: Titus 3:3–5,” by local author Jessica C. Jemmott  (published by WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan), is a devotional designed to encourage women to embrace their purpose in God with the understanding that they are loved and redeemed by the sacrifice of Christ.

“Without any question, we have been transformed from something that was unpleasant in God’s sight and now made acceptable unto Him,” says Jemmott. “We were once enslaved to sin but was ‘bought back’ with a price on the cross – purchased by love!”

Using her personal journey and scriptural references, Jemmott arms readers with the tools needed “to be transformed through Christ and embrace transparency and authenticity while growing in the ability to truly love God.” The book aims to help female readers love themselves, love others and welcome God’s love for them.

An excerpt from “Simply Redeemed”:
No matter who you are, despite your walk in life, and regardless of a lack or generous proportion of possessions and accomplishments, you have hurts, disappointments, fears, setbacks, failures, and trials; the list goes on. It’s in those times that you desire God the most.

“Simply Redeemed”
By Jessica C. Jemmott, MA
Softcover | 7.5 x 9.25 in | 138 pages | ISBN 9781512761047
E-Book | 138 pages | ISBN 9781512761030
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Jessica Jemmott is an alumna of Liberty University. She received both a Bachelor of Science in psychology and sociology and a Master of Arts in professional counseling. Her desire is to promote psychological, physical, and spiritual health and awareness. More information is  available at simplyredeemedt335.com.


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