Sit Less, Do More: Save Time When You Ride the 66 Express Outside the Beltway

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Provided by 66 Express Outside the Beltway

“The I-66 Express lanes have made a huge improvement for my business. The more time my crews spend sitting in traffic, the less time they spend serving my customers. The time and frustration that we save by taking the express lanes more than pays for the cost of the tolls.” — Marty Nohe, President, Appliance Connection, Woodbridge

“The express lanes allow us to reach our customers faster and get our technicians home to their families sooner, increasing their quality of life.” — Mark Presgrave, Owner and President, My Plumber Plus, Manassas

Enter the 66 Express Outside the Beltway, where saving time is one of the major benefits. The 66 Express’ dynamic-toll system is configured to keep traffic flowing at a minimum average of 55 miles per hour at all times, regardless of conditions on the I-66 general-purpose lanes. That means predictable, reliable, consistent travel times and speeds…and no traffic jams*.

The resulting impact of the 66 Express through Prince William and Fairfax counties has been resoundingly positive in both directions along the entire corridor.

Before the express lanes opened in November 2022, eastbound commuters on I-66 endured (on average) one hour of travel time between Gainesville and the I-495 Beltway during peak hours, while westbound commuters in the evening peak took an average of 50 minutes to go from the Beltway to Gainesville.

After the 66 Express Outside the Beltway opened, commutes on the three general-purpose lanes have been cut nearly in half – and drivers who choose the 66 Express are saving an additional 10 minutes or more per trip, down to less than 20 minutes of travel time between Gainesville and the Beltway.

The old adage that time is money holds absolutely true – and with every passing month, more drivers are realizing that the 66 Express Outside the Beltway is a valuable time-saving option.

The express lanes have significantly reduced congestion on the I-66 general-purpose lanes. There will still be traffic jams and inconsistent, unpredictable travel times in the general-purpose lanes as populations grow, and more and more people return to working out of office spaces. Nevertheless, the overall effect of the 66 Express has been increased capacity on the I-66 corridor, and a substantial improvement in the movement of people, goods, and services in Prince William County and Northern Virginia.

Flat Tire? Dead Battery? Need Gas? Get Back To Moving With Free Roadside Assistance

You don’t need to be a member of the American Automobile Association to benefit from AAA-style services. Whenever any driver needs a little help on the 66 Express, they can call #77 from their mobile phone to dispatch the Incident Response Team in a specially designed Roadway Assistance vehicle to render assistance.

On average, the 66 Express’ Incident Response Team reaches the driver’s location within five (5) minutes of the call, which means time-savings even when something goes wrong.

Big Time Savings For Big Vehicles

For our commercial and business customers, the 66 Express Outside the Beltway was designed and constructed to handle larger vehicles such as freight haulers, tractor-trailers, moving vans, and work vans and trucks to encourage usage as a time-saving business benefit.

As a result, the 66 Express Outside the Beltway is unique in Northern Virginia’s express-lane network in allowing vehicles as big as 18-wheelers to use the lanes.

Due to the additional space they take up on the road and the additional maintenance costs associated with large-vehicle traffic, under the operator’s contract with VDOT, larger vehicles must be assessed a higher toll rate. Businesses are advised to see which Toll Class their vehicles fall into – and what Toll Factor may be applicable – with the online Vehicle Classification chart, available on

Save Even More Time With an E-ZPass Transponder

The 66 Express Outside the Beltway was expressly built with E-ZPass in mind. There are no toll booths on the 66 Express; tolls are cashless and collected electronically using E-ZPass transponders. It’s quick, easy, and keeps drivers moving – and you can stay on top of your E-ZPass accounts at

But if you don’t have an E-ZPass, you can still take advantage of the time-saving travel option of the express lanes. Drivers of the 66 Express Outside the Beltway can also pay their tolls online at, over the phone (at 1-833-643-2867), mail in a payment, visit the customer service center or Walmart, or download the NextPass Mobile app, an easy-to-use mobile application that can be used on all 16 toll roads in Virginia.

Saving You Time, Any Time

With the 66 Express Outside the Beltway, you can eliminate the unpredictability of your commute and keep moving to your destination. The 66 Express aims to save commuters and businesses valuable time by providing a reliable travel experience, and it is successfully delivering on that.

*Accidents, disabled vehicles, and other events beyond the roadway operator’s control might cause temporary congestion.


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