Sleep Soundly in 2022

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While everyone else is talking about hardcore exercise and dropping all the pounds, we here at Prince William Living want you to usher in the new year committed to sleeping more. Yep! Sleeping! Sleep affects all areas of our lives, making it ever-important not to skimp on shuteye. This month’s issue is packed with tips and resources to improve your sleep habits for your most restful and healthful year yet.

Start with our feature for all-around education about the importance of sleep, activities and habits that can hinder it, and where to turn to improve your sleep hygiene. Next, check out Destinations for activities and spots in Prince William that can help you turn down the stress and improve your sleep quality. Want to turn your bedroom into a haven for rest? Our Home and Hearth section is filled with suggestions to do just that,
while Health and Wellness reveals five habits that can make or break a good night’s sleep. Spread the improved sleep to all members of your family! Family Fun has tips for creating bedtime routines for kids and offers suggestions for just how many hours of sleep your kiddos need.

Feel like there are never enough hours in the day so you end up skimping on sleep? Maybe you need a new system. Our Lifelong Learning section offers options for home and work systems to improve your efficiency and reduce your stress. And if you’re craving a healthy, tasty meal before drifting off to dreamland, check out EpiQ Food Hall in Woodbridge for a variety of choices. Read all about EpiQ and the food hall concept in Local Flavor. When it’s time to settle down for bed, grab an alternative to screentime: a copy of local author Victor Rook’s book In Search of Good Times. Get the details in On a High Note.

Finally, this month’s Your Finances offers education on the differences between budgeting and financial planning and how the two work together for a positive financial future. Now that’s something that can help you rest easy! We wish you a stress-free, rest-filled 2022!

All the best,
Rebecca Barnes, Publisher


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