Small Reforestation Project Makes a Big Difference

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Provided by Prince William County

It only took a few hours for 16 volunteers from the Holly Forest subdivision and eight from the Virginia Cooperative Extension Prince William office to finish a small reforestation project at the corner of Spriggs Road and Holly Forest Drive. The volunteers planted 125 trees on a small plot of county-owned land at the main entrance to the Holly Forest subdivision.

Tim Hughes, an engineering assistant with the Environmental Services Division of the Prince William County Public Works Department, which coordinated the work, said the project will save the county maintenance money while at the same time helping to protect the environment. “By converting areas from turf grass to forest, the County saves on the costs of mowing while reducing urban storm water runoff to help protect water quality to receiving streams and local rivers.”

The quarter-acre plot was forested about 10 years ago; it was cleared to build a storm water management pond with the Spriggs Road widening project. Holly Forest residents wanted the plot restored as close as possible to its original condition, according to Hughes.

The native evergreen species planted included five hemlocks, 30 American hollies, 20 white pines, 25 Virginia pines and 30 pitch pines. The volunteers also planted ornamental trees, including flowering dogwoods and redbuds.

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” said Hughes.

People interested volunteering for reforestation projects can call the Extension at 703-792-7913.


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