Sneak Peek at Manassas Ballet Theatre Presents Colin: Son, Marine, Hero

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The story of one Marine represents the lives of many

Manassas Ballet Web Ad ColinManassas Ballet Theatre (MBT) opens it’s 2014-15 season with the newly full-length Colin: Son, Marine, Hero, showcasing the story of Artistic Director Amy Grant Wolfe’s son Colin, who lost his life in Iraq to a roadside bomb in 2006.

The original ballet Colin debuted with much acclaim and international media attention as a one-act program in 2013, and this overwhelming response prompted Wolfe to reunite with composer Mark Menza to expand the piece to a full-length ballet. This summer, Wolfe began the process of gathering inspiration by interviewing Colin’s commander and fellow Marines, adding new layers to the original heart of the story.

“It’s been tough,” Wolfe shares. “I am hearing facts about that day and about his service that I was unaware of until now. It’s a painful journey, but because this ballet is also about Colin’s life as a whole, I am revisiting some sweet memories, too.”

The poignant story will come to life through the work of Wolfe, Menza and an expanded ballet company and orchestra. “We now have 24 full-time, professional dancers,” says Wolfe, “and the score calls for double the musicians we typically use – from 28 to 56 – so we will have an extremely full orchestra pit for this production!”

The preview took place Thursday October 16th with a reception and coverage from Comcast. Speakers included Mark Wolfe, Colin’s father and Manassas Ballet Theatre’s Artistic Director Amy Grant Wolfe, Colin’s mother.

MBT will dance Colin November 7-8 at 7:30pm, and November 9 at 3:00pm at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas, with live accompaniment from The Manassas Ballet Theatre Orchestra. Tickets are $45, $35, $25 and $15 and may be purchased at or by calling (888) 945-2468. Information on ticket discounts, MBT, and it’s affiliated Academy,

The preview performance ended in a standing ovation. The full version should bring down the house.


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