Special Election for Brentsville Voters on Dec. 23; Understanding the Deadlines

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Provided by Prince William County

People living in the Brentsville District will have the chance to vote in a special election on Dec. 23 to replace Wally S. Covington III, who recently resigned his position as Brentsville District Supervisor on the Board of County Supervisors. Covington resigned to accept an appointment by the Virginia General Assembly as a Judge in the General District Court of Prince William County.

Prince William County Registrar Rokey Suleman said there are several deadlines voters in the Brentsville District need to know about so they’ll be eligible to vote. “You need to be registered to vote 14 days prior to the special election. That would be Dec. 9th of this year.”

All absentee voters must fill out an application, which must be mailed to PWC Office of Elections, 9250 Lee Ave., Suite 1, Manassas, Va. 20110, or faxed to 703-792-6461. “The absentee application has to be received by Dec. 16th. That’s very important because the election is being held on the 23rd, which is right before the Christmas holidays.”

Once the application is received, the Office of Elections will mail a ballot to the voter. Absentee ballots must be returned to the Office of Elections by 7 p.m. on Dec. 23.

Any voter registered in the Brentsville District will be eligible to vote in the special election, Suleman said. “Our normal voting locations will be open in the Brentsville District. In-person absentee voting will be available starting on Nov. 7th. The last day for people to vote in-person absentee is Saturday, Dec 20th.”

Voters who wish to cast in-person absentee votes will be able to do so at the Prince William County Office of Elections at 9250 Lee Avenue in Manassas or at the Division of Motor Vehicles at 2731 Caton Hill Road in Woodbridge.

Visit the Office of Elections or call 703-792-6470 for more information. Send emails to AbsenteeVoting@pwcgov.org.


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