Spring Closet Countdown

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By Roxy Rowton

Is it any wonder that spring tugs at the heartstrings? The season makes its entrance with a cheerful procession of blooming flowers, budding branches, chirping birdsong, sundrenching light and warming temperatures. Spring awakens us from winter hibernation to elevate our spirits with an irrepressible hope, a refreshed outlook and renewed beauty.

Likewise, fashion dispatches a sartorial parade of innovative silhouettes, mood-lifting palettes and feather-weight textiles to awaken us from winter hibernation to refresh the warm-weather closet for a new season of sun-washed days.

As temperatures begin to warm, your fashion personality and closet may benefit from a fresh interpretation of style aesthetics and clarity on how to make the most of what to wear for a new season. Because of the cyclic nature of the seasons, the simple change in climatic patterns calls for a new
selection of textiles, textures and tones. The nuances of spring provide a favorable time to re-evaluate the wardrobe and style from the bottom up.

Where to Start?
If the first signs of spring have you itching to restock your closet, consider these guidelines before shopping for the warm-weather wardrobe:

1. Buy less, but buy your very best.
2. Stock the closet to reflect your lifestyle.
3. Know who you are, and dress accordingly.

Choosing what to wear for a new season and making the most of what you have in our closets includes much more than loading the shopping cart with garments to fill the space. To avoid the stumbling blocks from shopping purchases that create a closet full of fashionables, opt to stock your seasonal closet with garments that curate a balance between carefully edited trends and day-to-day style. A well-balanced seasonal wardrobe that expresses personality, fits body proportions, and reflects life’s varied occasions won’t have you muddled about what to wear on a hectic weekday morning or stranded about what to pack for a weekend get-away.

What to Wear?
With so many fashion trends hanging from the racks of our favorite stores or filling the screens of our browser windows, it can be overwhelming to sort and separate the closet indispensables from the fantasies of fashion. Indispensables are those closet classics and staples that have continuing wear power, pleasing aesthetics of design, and artistry in form and function. No stylish spring closet should be without
a few go-to indispensables. As the foundation for the majority of spring outfits, these mix easily with seasonal updates and trendier pieces.

Make note of the seasonal trends that can update the spring closet into the here and now, as well as reconcile fashion personality with day-to-day style.

The spring closet countdown begins with taking stock of the current seasonal wardrobe, sweeping the wardrobe of shopworn and ill-fitting pieces, replacing core wardrobe items (if necessary), and updating with carefully edited trends for a balanced warm-weather wardrobe.

Wardrobe and style consultant Roxy L. Rowton ([email protected]everydayrefinement.com) spends much of her workweek in the closet or the fitting room helping women look and feel their very best. She has two-plus decades in the fashion, apparel and beauty industries.


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