Spring Fashion Trends

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by Stephanie Tipple, Contributing Writer

While the weather forecast continues its ups and downs, spring weather is on its way, and with it comes a slew of new fashion trends to be on the lookout for. With the pending sequester, upcoming summer vacations and the cost of sending your kids to summer camp, you may find your budget stretched thin, but you can update your clothes inexpensively by making a few changes and buying some statement pieces that will stand out in your wardrobe.

Here are a few trends that you should expect to see this spring.

Orange You Jealous

Various shades of orange make up the essential color for spring. Whether you’re looking at peach or full-on tangerine, you need to have at least one orange piece in your wardrobe. Pulling off orange can be difficult, so be sure to be selective about the shade that you pick out.

For those with pale complexions, try a pencil skirt or an accessory in a bright shade – but keep the orange tones away from your face. To pull off an orange dress or jacket, then opt for more toned-down, pastel shades of orange.

If you have medium to olive skin tone, then the corals and brighter oranges will flatter you – making it one of the easiest trends this season for you!

For women with a darker complexion, you should opt for a very bright shade of orange, as it will complement your skin tone and add a stylish pop of color to your spring wardrobe.


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Tribal Survival

You don’t have to go on a safari vacation to look like you’re already there. Tribal and ethnic patterns have made a presence on the runways for many spring seasons, and this year is no exception. This trend is perfect for those looking to recycle older pieces in their wardrobe, while still being on-trend.

Look for ethnic-inspired pieces that are anchored in neutrals like white and beige, with bright orange and pink patterns that add flair. The biggest update to the tribal trend this season is the use of beading and embellishment, similar to the beading on elaborate Indian garments. Just make sure that you’re not weighing yourself down with elaborate embellishment, unless you’re prepared to carry an extra stick of deodorant for those warm spring days.


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Behind Bars

If all goes as planned this spring, the only bars that you’ll be behind are the striped pieces that you’ll be wearing to PTA meetings and cookouts. While you should expect to see stripes on a variety of different pieces, the most popular version appears on a simple blazer, making it a perfect addition to your work wardrobe.

But beware: there are different kinds of stripes that look flattering on different body types. Women who are either full figured or petite should avoid chunky horizontal stripes, as they draw the eye across the body, which can make you appear bigger and shorter if you’re not careful. For those looking to appear taller, opt for a thin vertical stripe. And if you’re trying to give the illusion of being smaller, diagonally oriented stripes pull the eye down the body in a way that hides flaws you don’t want others to see.


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In The Garden

When the flowers in Alice in Wonderland sang “You can learn a lot of things from the flowers,” they may not have been talking about spring trends, but florals this season are going to be everywhere, in all different scales, colors and iterations. One popular floral scheme that you will find pairs with the black-and-white trend, to add more fun and life to the monochromatic separates.

Two of the most important things when selecting a floral piece are color and scale.  When looking for colors you need to consider not only your skin tone, but also the environment in which you’ll be wearing the piece. Florals can be a great way to add a feminine and on-trend touch to your wardrobe, but neons, cotton candy pinks and anything that even slightly resembles your nine-year-old self in an Easter dress have to be avoided at all cost.

The other important aspect is scale. Floral designs can range from the tiniest buds to the biggest blooms. For full-figured women, opt for a larger scale floral to balance your proportions. If you’re looking to mix patterns the scale is even more important. If you want to use a pinstripe in another part of your ensemble, then opt for a bigger floral and vice versa.

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Bermuda, Bahama, Come on Pretty Mama

Notwithstanding Jessica Simpson in The Dukes of Hazzard, women will be pleased to know that Daisy Duke shorts aren’t the height of spring fashion. More moderate lengths will be the look of choice, with the most popular short being the Bermuda short. You can either pull it off in a casual setting with a creamy bright or pastel, or in a neutral tone for work, with a brightly colored top or blazer.

For work wear, the beauty of the Bermuda short is that the length is boardroom appropriate (in many cases), and can almost give the illusion of the pencil skirt. So get the best of both worlds with breezy shorts that allow for free movement while giving the appearance of a prim and proper skirt.


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“It” Accessory: Statement Sunglasses

As a finishing touch to any great ensemble, there needs to be a key accessory. Each season, designers select a particular one to focus on, and use it as a focal point in their outfits. While it has cycled through the “It bag” and various hair pieces, this spring the “It” accessory is a pair of statement sunglasses.

Expect to see them this season in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, in an “anything goes” style that parallels the carefree atmosphere of a beautiful spring day. As long as they make a statement, then they’re doing their job for your wardrobe.

IMG_1285 - Copy

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Author Stephanie Tipple is a college student, journalist and community leader. Her passion for fashion started in high school, where she won DECA Business Awards in retail events before earning a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management. She has also authored fashion columns at Northern Virginia Community College for two years. Stephanie resides in Woodbridge and can be reached by email at stipple@princewilliamliving.com.


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