Sticky Tribes Make Life

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By Kim Howard, CAE, Editor-in-Chief

As a military brat, I moved. But, unlike many military personnel, the U.S. Army kept assigning my father to the same base. So, I basically grew up in two places before college. But, living on base and with parents who served many different kinds of food in our house and who had a diverse circle of friends allowed me to enjoy that food immensely. This planted a love of travel in me well before I was old enough to apply for a driver’s license or passport. Various past jobs during my career have taken me to many fantastic places throughout America and Canada. My personal travel has included domestic travel throughout the United States and international travel to Mexico, Italy and the Caribbean. So, you could say that I have a lot in common with the subjects interviewed for this month’s cover story by Lisa Collins-Haynes. She introduces us to a few residents whose tribe includes a passion for travel. If traveling is your tribe, whether by land, sea or air, then this article is for you.

This month’s Destinations piece is a moving target, literally. “Roaming Restaurants: Food Trucks Are the Place to Be” by Helena Tavares Kennedy covers many local favorites. Find out how these business owners started their food truck idea, what
they serve and how to find out where the trucks will be. The foodie tribes of Prince William are going to enjoy these food experiences.

“Project Mend-A-House: Restoring Homes, Health and Hearts” by Jennifer Lazzo is this month’s Giving Back. You will find out what this nonprofit does for local residents who need its services. And, if you are inclined to volunteer as part of your 2018 resolutions and you are part of the handyman or handywoman tribe, this might be the organization for you.

Prince William continues to offer each of us the opportunity to find our tribe. Whether we volunteer, travel, play sports, enjoy food, run or ride, there is a local tribe out there. As comedic actress Kathryn Hahn eloquently said, “Find your tribe and stick with them.”

Kim Howard, CAE
Editor in Chief


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