Stone Forest’s Expertise with Basalt

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Provided by DRS and Associates

Stone Forest is renowned for crafting innovative sculptures using nature as its muse and natural materials as product foundations. Basalt has long been a favorite material for use in their garden sculptures and fountains. This igneous (volcanic) material is formed mostly from lava flows. Dense and durable, basalt lends itself to a wide range of sculptural applications, which makes it the perfect material for bath, kitchen and garden products. It has the neutrality of concrete coupled with the “radiant mass” of natural stone. Stone Forest’s garden products use columnar basalt, which is found in a small, family-owned quarry in Inner Mongolia. The designers at Stone Forest feel that what makes Basalt such a beautiful choice is the contrast between the natural exterior that has weathered over thousands of years against the polished facets that reveal the “soul” of the stone.

Fact: Basalt is the original constituent of the crust from which almost all other rock types have evolved.

Here are a few examples of Stone Forest’s expertise:

Single Basalt Pedestal

The dramatic Single Basalt Pedestal combines natural and polished surfaces to achieve its striking and organic presence. The polished granite facets create a strong contrast to the natural weathered surface and bring out the deep color of the inner polished stone. Finish the cutting-edge look with an above-counter basin.


Triple Basalt Pedestal

The Triple Basalt Pedestal is a dramatic addition to the “organic contemporary” category. Each set of three plinths is cut from a single column of basalt and features a combination of natural and polished facets. Brass tubing with escutcheons are available in Satin Nickel or Brushed Brass to unite the set. The look can be completed with any Stone Forest vessel. The distance between the individual pieces can be adjusted from 3” to 8″.

Basalt Column Fountain

The dramatic Basalt Fountain utilizes natural basalt columns to achieve its organic shape. Water gently flowing over the stone produces a calm and contemplative aura, which is the perfect antidote to our harried lives. Polished granite facets create a strong contrast to the natural weathered surface and bring out the deep black color of the inner polished stone.


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