Stop the Bleed, Start the Heart with CPR and First Aid Education

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By Erin D. Pittman

Has getting certified in CPR or first aid been on your to-do list for as long as you can remember? Whether you serve as a professional caregiver, a new babysitter, a life guard, a parent or in some other role, you may want or need to make it more of a priority.

According to the American Red Cross, first aid training takes only a few hours of your time, but it can mean the difference between feeling helpless in an emergency and saving a life.

“I believe everyone should be equipped with the knowledge to perform CPR and basic first aid because you never know when you may need it,” said Michelle Werner, owner and operator of Virginia CPR and First Aid LLC in Manassas.

Werner founded her company in 2010 after discovering there was a strong need to have better availability for individuals to learn these skills.

“Almost 90 percent of cardiac arrests happen in a home setting. It is best not to take a chance and be unprepared,” Werner said. “The average emergency response time in Northern Virginia is about eight minutes, and quick action can help increase a person’s chance of survival.”

Statistics from the American Heart Association back up Werner’s stance and show that nearly 45 percent of victims who experience out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survived when a bystander administered CPR.

CPR and First Aid Classes in Northern Virginia

Are you ready to learn how to stop the bleed and start the heart? Here’s a short list of providers, some of which offer specialty classes, such as first aid for infants.

Local CPR and First Aid

Stop the Bleed

Learn basic skills to help respond to an emergency in classes that support this national initiative. These classes do not offer certification but serve to make the public better prepared to handle crises.

These are just a few local resources available for learning lifesaving skills. Make it a priority to reach out today. The relatively short amount of time it takes to invest in this kind of education can ensure a lifetime for someone who needs immediate assistance.

Erin Pittman has been a writer for 10 years, but a lover of words her entire life. Her work is published in local magazines and on local and national blogs. Contact Erin at [email protected]


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