Stressed? Let Loose With These Local Stress-Relieving Activities

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By Mia Brabham

This year, stress has been inevitable and self-care has taken on a whole new meaning. Physical, mental and emotional burnout seems to be running rampant in every arena of life, from work to home. It’s no secret that most of us just need a break. But let’s face it, sometimes, it feels like a walk or hike just won’t cut it. What better way to take a pause or hit the reset button than with an entirely new adventure — one where the entire point is to release the built up tension in your body?

Whether it’s a trip to the local rage room where you can safely release stress by smashing a few things or finding your Zen among adorable baby goats, Prince William and our surrounding areas are full of fun, short-term ways to clear your inner turmoil, be playful and have a good time. Are you ready to let loose?

Rage Room

Lose It Rage Room, destinations 0721

Lose It Rage Room DMV

At Lose It Rage Room in Springfield, anything goes. And by anything, we mean there is an actual Smash Menu of items that are put into a room for you to smash for your enjoyment! This edgy, good-time of a facility provides a private, fun and safe space for solo-venturers or groups to come and absolutely lose it.

Everyone is provided with a protective mask, gloves, full bodysuit and choice of either a bat or a sledgehammer before stepping into a secluded area filled with smashable, donated material goods of your choosing. You can opt for small items (bottles, records, vases, dishes), medium items (laptops, monitors, VCRs, CPUs), and large and extra-large items (printers, speakers, etc.). You can even play your own music from the building’s speakers.

Not only is it the perfect opportunity for you to let out your anger and frustrations in a protected environment, but it’s quite the memorable experience. Hey, you never forget the first time you smash a speaker. The best part? Clean up is taken care of for you!

Name: Lose It Rage Room

Address: 7701 Southern Drive, Suite D7, Springfield, Virginia 22150

Phone: 571-206-4888

Goat Yoga

Patches the goat, Little Goat Farm, destinations 0721

Patches the goat

If smashing dishes isn’t your style, maybe you’d prefer to get cozy among cute farm animals instead. The Little Goat Farm at the Lake is a lovely, private farm that also serves as a nonprofit home to precious rescue animals. You’ll find all types of friendly and happy animals on the farm, including chickens, alpacas, llamas, donkeys and Pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goats. The goats are vaccinated and are brushed daily, which leaves them walking around happy and loved. Who doesn’t want to share some of that energy?

There are public goat yoga events throughout the year on the farm and at partner sites, as well as private goat yoga sessions. Sessions are led by certified yoga instructors and include mats and adorable baby goats roaming around. In the private sessions, you get to choose between the wood-floored studio, outdoors by the beautiful lake, on the terrace or any other location on the farm. You can even mix up your yoga session with a baby alpaca or cute, soft bunnies.

If you want to take a little piece AND peace of the farm home with you, they also sell organic goat milk products. To continue your relaxation and self-care at home, treat yourself to The Little Goat Farm at the Lake’s soaps, lotions, bath bombs, bubble baths, sugar scrubs and shower steamers. Every product is made right at the farm.

Name: Little Goat Farm at the Lake

Address: 8954 Burwell Road, Nokesville, Virginia 20181

Phone: 703-929-7228

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing at Bad Axe Throwing means — you guessed it — a chance to hurl axes at a target and have fun playing games in the process. If you like a little bit of competition and want to enjoy a few drinks while taking control of your focus, this is the place to do it. Hugh Jackman and Charles Barkley have even been axe throwing here!

The Fairfax facility is one of many Bad Axe locations, which is considered one of the world’s biggest urban axe throwing clubs. You can get a large 12×20 foot private lane all to yourself with as little as six people. Call ahead, or do a walk in solo or with a few other people.

Bad Axe’s mission is to bring the electrifying excitement of the traditional Canadian backyard pastime to urban communities. During your time, you’ll be guided by talented (and super cool) axe throwing coaches and even participate in fun-spirited competitions with your fellow group. It may seem nerve-wracking at first, but they promise, you’ll get the swing of it! Bullseye or not, it’s a great stress-relieving time.

Name: Bad Axe Throwing

Address: 2985 District Avenue, Suite 195, Fairfax, Virginia 22031

Phone: 844-818-0999


Mia Brabham is an author, writer, foodie, and media host. Her debut book, Note to Self, is a short collection of life lessons that is the hands of readers all over the world. Mia is also the host of Two In The Morning, a podcast that explores and unpacks the cultural questions that keep us up at night. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter, or at



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