A Stroll through Solomons, MD

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Provided by John Cowgill

Drum Point Lighthouse

Drum Point Lighthouse

Solomons, Maryland is a town that sits on the Patuxent River at the southernmost end of Calvert County. Although the town center is on the mainland, most of the people go to the island where most of the waterfront is located. People flock here for its beautiful vistas of the river as they stroll along the boardwalk and glance out at the many sailboats. There are those who enjoy the shops and restaurants along the main street while others make their way to the Tiki Bar to enjoy an island atmosphere with a cold drink sitting under a palm tree. Once a shipbuilding community, the town transformed into a very popular tourist destination for local and a few out-of-towners alike. The town is also home to the University of Maryland Environmental Laboratory on the south end of the island and a naval base that is the sister base to the Patuxent Naval Air Station across the river from the island.

A visit to Solomons would not be complete with a visit to the Calvert Marine Museum located on Solomons Island Road. It is easy to find because you need to drive by it to get to the island. It may not be as big as your big fancy marine museums, but it is not a tiny place either. Housed in old shipbuilding sheds, it gives a detailed history of the maritime history of the region. The one exhibit shows the various boats used in the area to include those for pleasure and those used for fishing and for getting oysters from the river bottoms. You also can walk through a small aquarium and can go through the Marsh Walk, a walk through a small marsh area next to the museum. There is also a boat building shop where boats are built, and there is also a wood shop. Of course, a visit to this museum will not be complete without a visit into the Drum Point Lighthouse. Originally located at Drum Point which is the northern point of where the Patuxent River empties into the Chesapeake Bay, this screw pile lighthouse was brought to the museum to be put on display. The museum also has seasonal boat excursions on the Patuxent River and sponsors summer concerts. You can go to calvertmarinemuseum.com for more information.

If water is not your thing, you can visit another world just by taking a walk through a garden. That is the Annmarie Garden located at the north end of the town. You will see your birds and bees and flowers and trees along with the works of many artists. This is not your average garden. PWL Also with the indoor art exhibits, the Annmarie Garden features the Sculpture Walk, a walk along paved trails through various sculptures placed along the way, and you can look through the trees and see various carvings and paintings. The peace and quiet transports you to a peaceful bliss. Along with the walk and exhibits, Annmarie Garden also hosts numerous events throughout the year. Go to annmariegarden.org to discover all that the gardens have to offer.

Solomons, Maryland is just a two hour drive away, and it is a town that you may fall in love with. The hardest part of visiting Solomons is leaving.


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