Strong Women at Pure Barre Woodbridge

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By Madalynn Amos | Provided by Pure Barre Woodbridge

March is Women’s History Month! Pure Barre Woodbridge wants to feature some of the incredible women members at the studio. PBW took anonymous nominations, and here is what members had to say about the women they admired at the studio!

Nominations included a member’s name and the reason the nominator was inspired by them!

  • Aida C. – because she keeps coming back and seeking improvement!
  • Xiomara H. – she’s dedicated, hardworking, and encouraging to others
  • Amalhin S. – she’s positive, encouraging, and mentally and physically strong. She’s amazing!
  • Judy R. – she’s stepping out of her comfort zone and boldly trying new things!
  • Alisa V. – because she’s Alisa! She’s a mother, an awesome teacher, and a great role model.
  • Rosario Z. – she’s the strongest, hard-working mother/woman I know. Through thick and thin, she pushes through it all and overcomes obstacles. She’s the definition of an empowered woman!
  • Chelsea S. – she’s got such a great energy and inspires those around her. She’s the reason we all have a place to go and workout in our community. Peace and joy!
  • Audrey H. – she’s a business owner and hair and nail queen!
  • Heather A. – because of her grit, grace, and wonderful contributions to the PBW community.
  • Claudia P. – she’s positive, encouraging, hardworking, and dedicated.
  • Marta S. – because she keeps coming back and working on improving!

Looking for a supportive environment of strong people working on their fitness goals? Join Pure Barre Woodbridge and celebrate with a community of strong women. Everyone is welcome at the barre! Call 703-904-6322 or click here to book your first class.


Madalynn Amos is a Sales Associate for Pure Barre Woodbridge. When not working, she enjoys taking Pure Barre classes, reading, and spending time with her family.



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