Student Needs Reshuffle School Trailers for Next School Year

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Provided by Prince William County Schools

Growing student enrollment and changing needs continue to outpace the ability to build or expand schools. PWCS uses portable facilities to deal with space needs based on changing needs, student enrollment estimates, and to provide flexibility.

The location of portable classrooms for the 2017–18 school year is posted on the PWCS Facilities Services website.

A total of 205 portable rooms will be in use starting in August; Patriot High School tops the list with 20, followed by Battlefield High School with 16. Many schools will have no portable classrooms next year. Portables offer the benefit of easy relocation to temporarily address overcrowding or special space demands until permanent space or other long-term solutions are available

Plans include moving 30 portables from current locations at schools where demand is easing to others where classrooms are badly needed.

Schools adding one or more portable classroom trailers are:

Kerrydale ES (+1)
Loch Lomond ES (+3)
Neabsco ES (+7)
Penn ES (+1)
Westridge ES (+2)
Yorkshire ES (+2)


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