Students at Kilby Elementary School had a Busy Summer

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

Participants in the Kilby Elementary School Tiger21 Summer Camp program can check lots of travel fun and hands-on learning off their list of summer accomplishments. In addition to four weeks of activities every weekday, campers also took two field trips, visiting distant historic sites in their travels:

  • On one Saturday, students traveled to Philadelphia to visit the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin Museum, U.S. Mint, Independence Hall, and the Betsy Ross House.
  • On a second Saturday this summer, the campers headed to the Jamestown Settlement to visit replicas of a Powhatan Village, three 17th-century ships, and James Fort. They went on to the Governor’s Palace, several historic homes, and many other buildings that housed colonial trades in Colonial Williamsburg.


On weekdays, the Kilby campers were captivated by a half-day’s worth of engaging learning based on two instructional programs:

  • Through the Scholastic LitLeague program, students participated in reading-related lessons using Scholastic books, completing activities that included reading independently, reading aloud, participating in group discussions, playing games, singing, and writing. The literacy lessons are geared around best-selling author and literacy expert Pam Allyn’s core pillars of literacy instruction: essential literacy skills, social-emotional learning capacity, and engagement.
  • The Flying Classroom K–8 program provides instructional activities designed around STEM curriculum and based on the global adventures of Captain Barrington Irving, the youngest person and first African American to fly solo around the world. Students in the Flying Classroom embark on an expedition to create a prototype of a new invention that will help Captain Irving solve a problem identified during his historic expedition. Through an online learning platform, students engage in interactive lessons and project-based learning.


“Students fell in love with learning this summer! Between begging to take LitLeague books home to re-read them, and proudly showing off their Flying Classroom inventions during our end-of-summer showcase, it’s clear that this was a summer they’ll remember. Students not only honed their literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, but also found new interests, developed relationships with their peers, and opened up a world of possibilities,” said Sarah Plumitallo, 21st CCLC Site coordinator.

The summer camp was funded through Kilby Elementary School’s 21st Century Community Learning Center (ESEA Title IV, Part B) grant, with field trips snacks and supplies generously sponsored by Nearpod, a Kilby community partner.

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