Students Excel in Math Competition

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The Prince William County Schools Office of Student Learning, Mathematics hosted its 17th Annual Prince William County Mathematics Challenge 24 Tournament recently at Beville Middle School. One hundred sixty-eight students from 29 elementary and middle schools participated in this exciting tournament. The students earned a right to compete by winning grade level competitions at their individual schools.

The Prince William County Public Schools Mathematics Challenge 24 uses the innovative 24© Game to make mathematics more appealing, accessible, and, most of all, fun. Students not only practice mathematics computation in the areas of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, exponents, and algebra, they become adept at mental math, communicating mathematically, validating their thinking, and recognizing multiple ways to solve problems.

The following students are the 2018 Prince William County Challenge 24 Tournament winners:

Grade 3: Muborak Jumanyazova, Westridge Elementary School, first place; Ronald Lui, Marshall Elementary School, second place; Tan Ho, Marumsco Hills Elementary School, third place; Violet Newcomer, Westridge Elementary, fourth place

Grade 4: Julienne Lim, Porter Traditional School, first place; Devin Moore, Vaughan Elementary School, second place; Jad Labriny, Westridge Elementary, third place; Davin Harris, Vaughan Elementary, fourth place

Grade 5: Audrey Jacob, The Nokesville School, first place; Rania Lateef, Marshall Elementary, second place; William Miles, Bel Air Elementary School, third place; Kaitlyn Thai, Gravely Elementary School, fourth place

Grade 6: Ayaan Siddiqui, Benton Middle School, first place; Hannah Yim, Benton Middle, second place; Kelvin Maqbool, The Nokesville School, third place; Nathaniel Ali, Benton Middle, fourth place

Grade 7: David Choi, Benton Middle, first place; Arman Lateef, Benton Middle, second place; Zachary Marks, Benton Middle, third place; Ausdin Rahman, Rippon Middle School, fourth place

Grade 8: Elijah Yim, Benton Middle, first place; Kareem Abdul-Baki, Benton Middle, second place; Isata Diallo, Hampton Middle School, third place; Nicholas Morgan, Benton Middle, fourth place


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