Stunning LED Crystal Designs for the Bath

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Provided by DRS and Associates

Brighten the Bath with LED

Paris earned the nickname “City of Light” because of its early adoption of street lights. THG Paris, the leading French atelier for the luxury bath, continues this illustrious tradition of lighting innovation by combining modern LED technology with old-world artistry. THG Paris is proud to have collaborated with legendary French crystal brands like Baccarat, DAUM and Lalique to create several luminous designs, which we’ve curated below.

Beyond Crystal

  • Designed by Remi Tessier and produced in collaboration with Baccarat
  • A contemporary collection of bath fittings and accessories with translucent, rectangular crystal handles in vibrant Baccarat colors
  • Includes a soft LED accent that allows the pure Baccarat crystal to glow
  • Each widespread faucet a features a dramatic, elongated spout that is available in a variety of finishes
  • Available in red, champagne, aqua and blue, as well as clear crystal


  • Combines pure geometric lines with the refinement of inset Lalique crystal
  • Features the iconic crystal raisin motif designed by René Lalique in 1928
  • Square-shaped handles reveal crystal encased in precious metal
  • Features an LED lighting system in Metropolis’s clear crystal handles
  • Also available in black crystal (without an LED feature)


  • Part of the DAUM collection, produced by the historic French art crystal atelier
  • A crystal paste is transformed into abstract shapes to create Paradise’s fauna and flora motif
  • Detailed crystal handles are hand made by artisans using old-world techniques
  • LED lighting illuminates Paradise’s clear crystal handles



  • Part of the DAUM collection, Flore features sculpted crystal of the highest order
  • Intricate floral patterns etched into the crystal give the handles beauty and a breadth of design
  • LED lighting emphasizes deep color hues on the round handles
  • Hand made by artisans to display intricate detail



  • Part of the DAUM collection
  • Created using pâte-de-verre, a technique that uses the lost-wax method to make a mold for the sculpture
  • Stands on its own as sculpture for the bath
  • Available in three color variations with LED lighting: Sun, Moon and Jade



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