How to Write a Press Release

Getting The Most Out Of PWL: Press Releases

A well-written press release can be an effective way to promote your organization to a wide audience at no cost. Here at Prince William Living, we allow you to directly contribute news for consideration, and try to publish as much of your news as we can online. Sometimes a release may lead to an idea for a bigger story that we will have a writer follow up with. Here are some tips that will help you to get your releases published on and with other news sources. 

Make sure your release is well written. Ideally, your release should be good enough to print “as is.” A poorly written release not only won’t get run, but will hurt your credibility. Most news outlets prefer AP style writing. At the very least, it should create enough interest to merit further investigation. It should read like a news story, written in third person, not as an ad or marketing piece.  Accompanying submissions of photographs and videos are encouraged. Have someone else proofread, spelling, grammar and clarity.

Headlines can make or break your story. Make your headline honest, but catchy. Something that will make people want to know more. You only have a few seconds to capture the reader’s attention.

Check your style. Write your press release in the third person but with an active voice. Include quotes to create interest. These can be from “experts” or people who are part of the story. Never use all capital letters and do not mix your fonts. This makes the release hard to read. Do not use industry verbiage – use plain language that your audience and the editor will understand.

Make sure your press release is long enough, yet not too long. You want to make sure it is at least 250 words/three paragraphs long, yet no more than one page. If your press release is too long or not to the point, it won’t be read by editors or search engines.

Don’t write an advertorial . This is a story to share, not an advertisement. The media isn’t trying to sell your product or service. They want a story their readers will be interested in.

For more information on the kinds of stories Prince William Living is looking for, please read: How to Get Your Story Published. Be sure to include contact information in your release in case we have questions or seek to have one of our writers do a follow up piece on your release.

Thank you for reading Prince William Living and for wanting to make your story a part of our publication. Prince William Living is YOUR community magazine, and we appreciate and your involvement in its continued growth as the lifestyle information resource in greater Prince William. Click here to submit your release for consideration. 

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